Ohio Gov. DeWine calls for legislative change after 60 people shot statewide in single weekend

Posted at 10:19 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 23:47:03-04

CINCINNATI — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine called for legislative change Thursday after nearly 60 people were shot statewide over the weekend. He specifically mentioned Cincinnati’s 19 shooting victims, including four who died.

The city’s list of unsolved homicides grows longer as cases like Ronald Rousseau’s remain unsolved after three years. Even though there have been no arrests in his case, his family still has faith.

“He had a good soul and a good spirit,” said Ronald’s mother, Twannette Rousseau.

Ronald Gregory Rousseau Jr. was killed on Aug. 20, 2017, leaving behind three daughters and a grieving mother still desperate for answers.

“No mother should have to go through this,” Rousseau said.

But across Ohio – more of them are. DeWine pointed to an uptick in shootings in Akron, Toledo and Cincinnati over the weekend.

“By our unofficial tally, we’ve counted 56 shot across Ohio, 17 of them killed from Friday, Aug. 14 through today,” DeWine said.

There have been 10 homicides in Toledo this month, including five killings in 5 days. Akron has more murders so far this year than all of last. Cincinnati is on pace to have more homicides than any year in recorded city history.

“I don’t really want to turn on the TV to look at it,” Rousseau said. “I’m tired of seeing it.”

She said searching for her son’s killer has been overwhelming. She said it hurts to see more parents in her shoes.

“I’m trying to get myself together from what I’ve been through, so when I hear that I relive that and I can’t keep doing that,” Rousseau said. “Put the guns down.”

Anyone with information in Rousseau’s case or any other unsolved homicides is asked to call Crimestoppers at (513) 352-3040.