Levenski Crossty: Father snatches 2-year-old from McDonald's drive-thru window during attack

Man was beating child's mother, police say
Posted at 3:19 PM, Jul 21, 2016

CINCINNATI –  A desperate mother tried to hand her 2-year-old through the drive-thru window at a McDonald's after being abducted and attacked last week, police said.

The woman was hoping employees would keep the child safe. But her attacker – the child's father – snatched the child back and drove off with her four kids, leaving her screaming for help  in the parking lot.

The woman and her kids endured a ride of terror from East Price Hill to  Sayler Park, according to police.

Police say it started on Woodlawn Avenue where the woman was house-sitting. Levensky Crossty forced his way in through a window by pushing in the air conditioner. 

He then punched her in the head and body and forced her and her kids to drive off in her car.

"There was multiple assaults from what I'm hearing from the preliminary information, that the suspect assaulted the victim inside the vehicle causing serious physical harm to her and she actually had to be hospitalized for that," said Cincinnati police Lt. Steve Saunders.

Police say Crossty pulled over several times to assault her until they arrived at the McDonald's on Kibby Lane in Sayler Park. She was able to escape from the car and tried to hand over the 2-year-old to workers.

"There was some push and pull sounds like with the child," Saunders said.  "The suspect was able to get the child back into the vehicle and drove off, leaving the victim at the McDonald's."

The mother had multiple bite marks, severe facial injuries and other wounds, police said.

Crossty, 26,  is charged with felonious assault, abduction, domestic violence, aggravated burglary and theft.