Detective cites phone calls, messages in firefighter death trial

Posted at 11:08 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 23:08:43-05

HAMILTON, Ohio - Phone calls and Facebook messages dominated the murder and arson trial of the two men charged in the death of a Hamilton firefighter Tuesday.

The prosecution believes calls between the Lester Parker and his nephew, Billy Tucker,  put Tucker at the scene of the fire that led to the death of Patrick Wolterman – and not in Kentucky where Tucker  told police he was.

The prosecution depicted a frenetic pace of calls after the fire from a number in Las Vegas where  Parker was staying to a phone booth near a Hamilton area motel where the prosecution says Tucker was staying.

The prosecution contends that Parker hired Tucker to set fire to his house at 1310 Pater Avenue so Parker could collect the insurance money.

Hamilton Police Sgt. Matt Fishwick testified about a message he said Tucker had sent to his girl friend.

“Babydoll, done with the job. Got to get some rest. Call you tomorrow. Love you.”

According to Fishwick, Tucker deleted it from his phone, but police retrieved from her account.

Fishwick also testified that photographs and other items had been moved out of Parker's house  before the fire to another house Parker owned, where he stayed after the fire.

They included a Concealed Carry Weapon’s permit and  a Harley Davidson wall placard.

Both items were found in good condition. 

The trial resumes Wednesday.