Bullets hit three homes, terrorize neighbors

Posted at 5:20 PM, Feb 05, 2016

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – A shooting spree on Yankee Road left three houses with bullet holes and residents terrorized.

One home was hit seven times; another at least three times. A bullet went through a front window and just missed a sleeping woman Thursday morning.  No one was hit, but everyone was upset.

WCPO was there when Teresa Walton discovered her mother's home had been struck.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" she screamed, then immediately called 911.

"There was a shooting on Yankee Road last night and my mother's house has a bullet hole going through the window of the room she sleeps in because of her health downstairs," Walton said.

A short time later Middletown police arrived to investigate what happened.

"Something's got to be done because that's too close for comfort," Walton said. "That bullet could have ricocheted and killed my mom.

"It's just crazy," said Nadia Truss, whose grandmother's home was shot up. "If she would have got shot, I would have gone crazy …   this world is all messed up."

Police have not said whether anyone has been arrested or if they have suspects. If you know anything,  call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.