Volunteers deliver groceries to Northern Kentuckians in need

Brighton Center Volunteers
Posted at 5:33 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 20:41:46-04

NEWPORT, Ky. — Fort Thomas mom Lara Guttadauro is one of a network of about 37 Brighton Center volunteers caring for the critical needs of elderly and disabled Northern Kentuckians. The coronavirus pandemic makes their work more necessary than ever.

And even though Guttadauro has kids and works from home, that doesn’t keep her from stepping up and stepping in.

“If I can keep somebody else from being exposed by having to go to the grocery store, and that it helps that one person be safe and not come down with the virus, then I’ve done my part,” she said.

The Brighton Center in Newport, Kentucky, helps families in need by providing resources to help them become self-sufficient. The center has seen a 300% increase in calls for emergency assistance in just the last two weeks.

Guttadauro now does things like grocery runs for those families.

“So I pull up here to the Brighton Center, and then I will load groceries into the back of my truck and then be given three or four houses to deliver them to," she said."And then I’ll give those folks a call and then head out and give the groceries to them.”

For Hester Todd, who has a daughter and grandsons living with her, the Brighton Center's assistance is a lifeline.

“I received my commodities and some extra food, and it really comes in handy,” Todd said. “It really helps a lot.”

Brighton Center president and CEO Tammy Weidinger said she wants to keep the help going as long as possible.

“We want folks to call us if they need help, and we’ll keep doing this as long as we can,” Weidinger said.

Although the Brighton Center mainly helps the elderly and people with disabilities, Weidinger said no age is exempt from these acts of kindness. The center delivered a birthday cake along with a food order to the family of a 4-year-old who called in and told them it was their mom’s birthday.

More information on contacting the Brighton Center and volunteering is available here.