Father and son participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials

Posted at 7:49 AM, Oct 23, 2020

CINCINNATI — It’s not your typical father-son bonding activity, but a 12-year-old Cincinnati boy and his dad are making a major contribution to stopping the spread of COVID-19 by participating in vaccine trials together.

Abhinav, 12, isn’t certain if he actually received the placebo or the real thing, but all of that will be revealed once the trial is over. They are in the third and last part of the vaccine trial by drugmaker Pfizer. His father, Sharat, also participated in a vaccine trial for adults. Both had to undergo a slew of blood tests beforehand. Still, the 12-year-old said he’s happy to do his part if it means saving lives.

"So, basically for me, I think that it's pretty cool to participate in this research study,” Abhinav said. “And to know that there's a potential vaccine for COVID-19. And also that it might help scientists know more about programs. It could also help a bunch of people.”

His father agrees. He said he wasn’t at all nervous for his son since he had also taken part in a separate trial.

“It does feel very gratifying that he agreed to be a part of the study, because it benefits not only him, but the community as a whole.”