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Fourth annual UC Day of Giving is Thursday

Posted at 5:33 AM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-15 11:58:56-04

CINCINNATI — Thursday marks the fourth annual University of Cincinnati Day of Giving, and this year the goal is to raise over $1 million for the university.

The fundraiser's goal is a little lofty considering in 2019 the university raised about $400,000. However, fundraiser officials hope they receive at least 3,000 donations from alumni, Bearcat fans, staff at the university and members of the community.

While people can donate to UC year-round, the UC Day of Giving allows people to look at new programs, departments and organizations to see which need more funding. Then, people can donate to that specific cause.

"Many people choose to support one of our colleges to make sure that we can make it easier to make it affordable and accessible to everybody," said James Barnard, executive director of the UC Day of Giving and Integrated Marketing. "We also have some great causes, like our Bearcats Pantry, which ensures that all of our students have access to food and essential items... and our 1MPACT House, which is there to support our first-generation college students..."

If you would like to help support UC and donate to the UC Day of Giving, click here.