New sculpture set to grace Hamilton park

Posted at 6:30 PM, Jan 29, 2019

HAMILTON — Rotary Park will soon be home to two more pieces of sculpture this spring. The two works both made of aluminum embody an outdoor theme.

A gigantic flower named "A Forest Treasure" created by Michigan artist Douglas Gruizenga will be unveiled along with "Bird House" created by Andrew Arvanetes of DeKalb, Illinois.

Hamilton, Ohio City of Scultpure, Inc. paid for the two works using funds raised from the 2017 Icefest along with private donations.

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Hamilton, Ohio's City of Sculpture, Inc. is a 503c non-profit organization. Its website states that the organization places sculptures in public places, "For the enjoyment of citizens and visitors."

"Hamilton has more than fifty sculptures and these two bring us that much closer to sixty," said Jacob Stone, president of City of Sculpture.

The artwork is part of Hamilton's broader effort to craft a city that is not only vibrant and thriving but an appealing place to live and visit.

"Sculpture really adds a dynamic environment for the downtown. It's not so much one sculpture that makes a destination but density of sculptures that's all over downtown," Stone said.

Stone said the works cost between $10 and $20 thousand each, which is generally the range City of Sculpture looks to pay. However, works such as the iconic statue of Alexander Hamilton on High Street cost $500,000.

Stone said the two new works will be installed as soon as it is warm enough to pour the concrete foundation.