Homegrown app offers comic relief from 2016 election cycle

Posted at 10:31 AM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 10:37:16-04

MASON, Ohio - A Mason company is trying to capitalize on this year’s election with a new app that lets users compete against each other to modify the famous quotes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“It’s going like crazy,” said Kent Savage, CEO of Blue Loop LLC, which launched an election version of its Instant Regret game Sept. 30. “What we’ve done I think is harness the angst of the whole election cycle. Both candidates are characters and they say outrageous things. This game gives people a chance to put a little lightness and fun in to the process.”

A screen shot of the game

Blue Loop is a 10-year-old company that produces apps, videos and websites. Its Instant Regret app, launched about six weeks ago, is a multi-player word game that takes phrases out of pop-culture quotes and lets users fill in the blank. Players then vote on their favorite answer. Whoever gets the most votes is the winner.

The election-themed version of the game is called He Said/She Said. Here’s an example of the questions, along with some winning wisecracks:

From Trump’s recently leaked conversation with Billy Bush came the line, “Grab them by the __________. You can do anything.” One winning answer was “love handles.”

Clinton’s line: “I’ve laid out ___________ to defeat ISIS.” Winning answer: “In my bikini”

Trump: If I were president, ‘You’d be in ________.” Winning answer: “A bright orange pantsuit.”

Savage said the free game is “growing exponentially” but wouldn’t say how many downloads it has notched  in its first few weeks on iTunes. The company is promoting the with game nights, including a Tuesday evening event at Fox & Hound Sports Tavern in Mason and another event Friday at Cintrifuse offices in Over-the-Rhine.