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You should never pay these 'stupid' fees

Many people still paying for credit reports, paper bills, and more
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Posted at 11:31 AM, Aug 30, 2022
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In today's economy many people are looking to save every single cent possible, but many of us are wasting those precious cents, by paying fees for unnecessary services like getting a paper bill or getting cash for our coins.

That's according to a new report inLifehacker called "These are the Stupidest Fees you Should Never Pay."

Among them:

Coin machine fees, which can be 10% or more just for turning in pocket change.

Better option: Lifehacker said some grocery stores will give you a gift card for the full amount of your coins, and that way you don't lose any money.

ATM fees, as high as $5 nowadays for using an out-of-network ATM.

Better option: Use your own banks ATM, or a bank that refunds these fees.

Credit report fees of $25 or more, which can hit you at the major credit bureaus, if you apply for a report directly through their website.

Better option: Go to and get your credit report free.

Late fees for bills, typically $25 dollars, but now as high as $45 with some credit cards.

Better option: Set a reminder on a phone or calendar.

Bill processing fees for getting a paper bill in the mail or paying by credit card. Many credit cards and insurance companies will now charge you $5 to $7 to send you a bill in the mail.

Better option: Most utilities and insurance companies will let you pay by e-check or a direct checking account withdrawal with no fees.

Lifehacker said the world is going paperless, and it's time to get on the train. And, if you swap to paperless billing, you don't have to worry about issues with mail theft.

While a $5 paper bill fee might not sound like a lot, if you are paying several of them, that could be $200 a year.

So don't waste your money.


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