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White leather warning: woman's new couch turning blue

Some white leather can absorb colors from other fabrics
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Posted at 4:28 PM, Nov 03, 2021

BLUE ASH, OHIO — White furniture is all the rage these days, especially when it comes to leather couches and chairs. It's refreshing and contemporary.

Unfortunately, keeping it white creates all sorts of challenges, as one Cincinnati-area woman just learned.

You might recognize the name Stephanie Sumerrow Dumas from her role as Hamilton County Commissioner.

But at home, a new role she has these days is keeping her new $2,000 leather couch from getting stained.

Her 2-month-old couch has blue staining on the seat, where she said she sat a few times while wearing denim.

"I noticed that the color I had on, whatever I had on, faded into the couch," she said.

Dumas was able to rub some yellow coloring out of the white leather, but was unable to get the denim blue out of one seat.

She said she finds it embarrassing. When she has guests over, she now has to ask them to sit on a towel.

Having a group get together in her home is now less desirable.

"It's kind of an observation room," she said,"because people can't come unless they have on white."

White couch.jpg
White couch taking on colors

So she called the store where she bought it – Long's Wholesale Furniture in Hartwell – where she says a manager told her the couch was a final clearance, which means no returns.

We visited the store, where an employee confirmed clearance sales are usually final, but he said we would have to speak with the owner.

We then left two messages, and sent an email, but have yet to receive a callback.

Guardsman Furniture Professionals -- a nationwide repair chain -- says some white leather repels stains better than others.

It suggests if you have a white leather couch, you may want to keep it clear of:

  • Blue jeans
  • Hair color
  • Magazines
  • Pets

Guardsman said to try leather cleaner, then call a professional if you can't get the stain out.

As for Dumas, not able to host guests on her new couch: "It's just miserable."

Finally, check the return policy on any furniture you buy. If it is a final clearance, you may not be able to return or exchange it.

So be careful (or consider tan), and don't waste your money.

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