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Don't Waste Your Money
Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 15, 2016
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Kings Island is now in peak season, and having a banner 2017 with the addition of the new wood coaster, Mystic Timbers.

But with a day ticket now up to $63 at the gate, and parking an additional $18 per car, that day in the park isn't cheap anymore.
Savvy parents like Tanya Krakkaborg bought their passes late last year, when the were cheapest.

"We buy them the year before, when they become available in the fall," she said.

A question a lot of people have this time of year is when does it make sense to pay a little bit extra and purchase a gold pass, as opposed to buying single day tickets, even at a discount?

We checked the numbers and found If you buy a season pass now (even at the slightly higher price), it will still pay for itself after your third visit.

A Gold Pass is now $123, which includes parking.

A regular Season Pass is $110. But it's a bit of a false economy: You'll have to pay an $18 parking fee each time you go, so make sure one person in your family has the Gold Pass.

There is also a Platinum Pass for nearly $200, which includes other Cedar Fair parks.  If you plan to visit Cedar Park in Sandusky several times, that could make sense. 

Otherwise, it won't.

Lowest Priced Day Tickets

Going just once or twice? Then buy your day tickets online at King's Island's website.

You will pay $45 weekends, and an even lower $42 weekdays for 2016.

Don Helbig of Kings Island said "the best place to find tickets is online at or you go to the local Kroger stores."

Kroger stores will again have tickets for $45,.a good deal if you just go once or twice, like Stephanie Sims.

"I get my tickets at Kroger, she said."

Another deal:  if you can, wait till after August 1st, when the park typically starts rolling out late season discounts (though they ave not announced any for 2017 yet).

But veterans say if you plan repeat visits, a Gold Pass is really a no brainer, so you don't waste your money.    


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