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Where are all the boats? Foam shortage hits hard

Boats, mattresses, couches hit by foam shortages
Posted at 11:12 AM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 03:05:42-04

FAIRFIELD, Ohio — Three overwhelming recent shortages — furniture, mattresses and boats — are connected by a key product: foam.

Boat dealer Brad Cummins showed us one of four boats for sale inside his store, Hern Marine in Fairfield. Out front in the parking lot is just one, when they usually have dozens for sale. That's more than many other dealers have right now.

"We have boats ready to be shipped here that are sold units," he said. "But they are being held back at the manufacturer by the foam shortage."

Yes, a shortage of foam is now the reason for delays of couches, mattresses, and boats.

The main reason: the winter storms that hammered Texas plastic plants, shutting them down for several months in some cases.

Combine that with COVID-related staffing problems, and suddenly there is another major shortage.

"So resin became an issue for the hulls, and foam became an issue for the seats," Cummins said.

Just as with pickup trucks and furniture, boat dealers say you need to plan ahead and order one now if you want a boat for next summer.

"If they want to be on the water for next season, they definitely need to come in today," Cummins said.

He says if you place an order with him now, you should have a boat by Memorial Day.

Looking for a used boat?

You will still find a decent amount for sale on Craigslist, Facebook and Boat Trader. But just as with pickup trucks, prices are high and you may end up overpaying.

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