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WCPO 9 News has helped viewers recover more than $5,000

Travel refund, passport delay and ATM malfunction resolved
Posted at 11:27 AM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 20:35:27-04

CINCINNATI — In 2021, many people in the Tri-State have struggled to recover from 2020, and WCPO 9 News was able to provide the help many people deserve.

Refunds for canceled flights

WCPO spoke with Chris Cole, a Goshen dad who saved for years to take his two sons to Hawaii.

"I live on disability, so I don't make much money," Cole said.

Their vacation trip was scheduled for April, 2020, but the pandemic made them cancel. After more than a year, Cole was still waiting for a refund from the travel site

"I have $4,800 tied up in the airline tickets," he said.

Several days after WCPO reached out to, the company apologized for a processing error. A website spokeswoman said they will refund just over $4,000 to the Coles, and said the remaining amount was not held by Kiwi.

Passport delays

In July, WCPO introduced viewers to Liz Glover, who was in the process of opening a gourmet hot dog stand, Tiny Bistro, on Route 4 in Fairfield, Ohio.

She was hoping to celebrate her life change with an anniversary trip to Jamaica with her husband. Five months after applying for U.S. passports, the couple had no passports and no vacation.

"We paid expedited fees, and they didn't deliver a passport," Glover told us. "So we missed our vacation."

Two weeks after WCPO contacted the passport office, though, Glover said the passports showed up.

In an email, she wrote, "Thank you so much for helping us."

ATM malfunction

WCPO also spoke withEric Morton of Avondale who told usa malfunctioning PNC Bank ATM in the West End took more than a thousand dollars from him.

"I then followed up, went back to the ATM and checked my account, to say maybe it's in there," he said. "But it was not in there."

We contacted PNC Bank, which agreed to examine the video of Morton's transaction, and the bank determined he was telling the truth about his cash deposit.

A few days later, he reported he had his missing $1,300 back.

WCPO wishes we could help everyone who reaches out in times of frustration. Unfortunately, due to the volume of complaints we receive, we cannot look into everyone's case. WCPO will try to steer viewers to some local agencies that can help, including the Better Business Bureau, Legal Aid Societyand the offices of the Ohio and Kentucky Attorney Generals.

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