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Walmart's slimmed-down Black Friday: worth shopping?

Fewer crowds, but deals on 4KTVs, gaming, and Apple products
List: Here's when we'll likely see Black Friday sales ads
Posted at 11:16 AM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 19:01:31-05

The days of the mad rush at Walmart's doors on Black Friday are so 2005. For 2019, Walmart is featuring a slimmer and quieter Black Friday, but still with great electronics deals.

We found Kristin Harris and her young daughter checking out the toys at Walmart, and looking forward to coming back on Black Friday.

Why? Harris says she finds good savings on Thanksgiving night, "mainly on electronics."

And she is correct. Thanksgiving evening features the biggest deals of the year on big screen 4KTVs and Apple products.

The deals start at 6 p.m. at Walmart (an hour after Best buy and Target), though you can line up inside the store earlier in the day for a hot item you want.

Quieter Black Friday these days

But Black Friday will be a slimmed-down affair at Walmart this year, and at many other retailers. Gone are the three days of sales, with new deals starting each morning. and long lines inside and outside the store.

That's because Black Friday is now stretched out over a week (with many sales starting this weekend) and the fact that most of the sale items will be offered online at the same price (both on Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

Want an Apple Watch Series 3? You don't have to leave home to buy it at Walmart; it will be $129 in store and online. Instant Pot? Grab it at Walmart's website for the same price.

But there are still reasons to go to the store, specifically for big screen 4KTVs. Some are store-only models in limited quantity.

Walmart manager Strawbari Callahan showed us some of the hottest Thursday night deals for 2019. Among them:

  • 65-inch Philips 4KTV: $278.
  • 50-inch Roku Smart TV: 148.
  • Apple Watch or Air Pods: $129.
  • Google Chromebook: $99.
  • PS4 Console with 3 games: $199

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And of course, you will find big markdowns on toys, Instant Pots, and this year's hottest kitchen gadget: air fryers,

In addition, you really should check the ads starting this weekend, because Walmart and many other retailers are running pre-Black Friday sales starting Friday.

Walmart department manager Matt Goens says despite the slimmed-down Black Friday event, they are still ready for decent crowds Thanksgiving night, from shoppers either hunting those limited-supply TVs, or who just enjoy the thrill of finding a bargain.

Also, shoppers without credit cards who pay only with cash will need to come to the store.

But the best part about Walmart's Thanksgiving night sale: you don't have to stand outside in the rain and cold. So you stay warm and dry and you don't waste you money.


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