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Posted at 12:32 PM, Sep 09, 2016
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The changeover from Target pharmacies to CVS pharmacies has generated thousands of complaints, some customers unhappy about price increases, other customers not pleased with staff changes, and others just unhappy with the change in general.   

But the biggest complaint concerns pill bottles, with some customers now launching a petition drive.

What Happened to the Red Bottles?

Like many Target shoppers, Mark Anderson recently learned that Target's pharmacy was changing to CVS.

He was fine at first, until one day they changed their pill bottles. "The biggest change was with the bottle, we don't get the distinctive red bottle anymore," Anderson said.

Target pharmacies were loved for their big red pill bottles, with easy to read print, and color bands to prevent mix ups among various people in the same household. They were so unique and popular that Target patented and named them ClearRX (TM).

"it's got a colored band, a different color for each family member, so it's easy to keep track," Anderson said, clutching one of the last of the old bottles from his cabinet.

He also says these were the best childproof caps he has ever encountered, hard for a child to open, but easy for an adult.

"Even though its a child resistant top, it was relatively easy to undo," Anderson explained.  "Just squeeze the top, and it comes off."

Standard Yellow Bottles

But the new CVS bottles are standard issue yellow, with tougher-to-open caps, and smaller labels with small print.

Some customers are so unhappy they have now started a petition drive on, asking for the old bottles back. CLICK HEREto see the petition.

A Target spokeswoman told us "Target no longer owns the pharmacies in our stores."

A CVS spokeswoman, meantime, told us they had to switch to "the same prescription packaging used by all CVS pharmacies." But she said "we are exploring options for a next generation prescription labeling system."   

For now, though, Anderson says he didn't get much encouragement from his store. "They just kind of shrugged and said well that's the way it is."

One reason for hope, though: Target and CVS still have all the patents for the red bottles, so if enough people complain, perhaps they will return.

As always don't waste your money.


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