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Some web retailers can't handle holiday orders

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Posted at 1:27 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 18:38:49-05

Tens of millions of Americans ordered something online this holiday season.

Most of those packages are now arriving.

But one Northern Kentucky mom just learned what happens when you order from a  website that apparently couldn't handle the wave of holiday orders it received.

Finds unique website selling gifts

Rebecca Baker loves buying gifts for her year-old little girl and her 10 year old niece.

So when she saw a Facebook post for a company called Jewelry Candles, she thought it could make the perfect  gift.

"I looked at their website online, they seemed perfectly OK, and there was nothing that raised my suspicions about them, so I placed an order."

She ordered her niece a couple of jars of kids "slime" that melts to reveal a beautiful piece of jewelry. She put $30 on her credit card.

But when a package of goodies arrived a week later, she says, "they weren't mine at all."

She received a box of scented candles, instead of the jars of kid's slime. "This is not what I ordered at all," she said.

Baker says these candles would have been fine as a gift for her mother or aunt, but not as a gift for her 10 year old niece.

"You don't give a little girl real candles," she said.

Better Business Bureau gets complaints

It's turns out she's not the only one complaining: Jewelry Candles' Facebook page has a number of recent complaints about wrong orders or no order received at all.

While the Jefferson, Indiana-based company is not a scam (it appears to have many satisfied customers), the Better Business Bureau gives it an "F" grade for failing to respond to complaints and the BBB's inquiries.

(It appears to be unrelated to a similar Louisville, KY business called Jewelry in Candles).

Baker had no luck correcting her order. "I've emailed them, I've left multiple voice mails, I've reached out  to them on Facebook and nothing." So we called and emailed as well, but received no response either.

Baker is now going to have to purchase new gifts, having learned a lesson about the need to carefully research Facebook ads before you order.

At least she has some nice scented candles for herself.

As always, don't waste your money.


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