Report warns about discount dress websites

Don't Waste Your Money
Report warns about discount dress websites
Posted at 11:16 AM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 11:32:48-05

If you are shopping for a dress, whether it's for the office, or just a little sun dress, you never want to overpay.

So websites are popping up all over, offering designer look dresses for  a fraction of the cost. But before you click, a caution.

Discount Prom and Bridal Dresses

Bridesmaids, prom goers, and women across the country are ordering discount dresses, then ending up devastated when their dress arrives.

"Three are the wrong size, one is damaged, I got five instead of six," one frustrated bride told us last year.

Several other women have told us they got tattered dresses that looked nothing like the glamorous photos they saw online. "The color's not at all what I wanted," one bridesmaid said.   

Now, a report in Woman's Day magazine (and republishedin Good Housekeeping) looks into the proliferation of discount dress selling websites that generate thousands of complaints in a report called8 Online Retailers you Should Never Order From.

Dress Sellers to Watch Out For

Woman's Day says online dress sellers to avoid include:

  • Rosegal
  • TwinkleDeals
  • SammyDress
  • BeckyDress
  • FashionMia
  • DressLily

Many Difficult Returns

Many shoppers don't realize at first why  these sites are different from retailers like Kohls or Macy's or Nordstorm.

Those all allow easy returns. Most of these dress sites are in China, and there's often no cheap way to make a return.

Women report return shipping fees as high as $75, making it cheaper to just throw the dress away.  That's why  the Better Business Bureau gives several of them an "F" rating, for tough returns and unanswered complaints.

That may leave you saying "doesn't that stink?"

Checking to see where the dress seller is located can be difficult, asmany now use a California mailing address, so that it appears you are ordering from an American company.

My advice? Google any online clothing selling website for reviews and complaints, and if you find more than a handful, you may want to keep looking, so you don't waste your money.

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