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Possible Kings Island giga coaster in new video

Animation shows 300-foot coaster in Firehawk area
Posted at 1:33 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 14:54:57-05

MASON, Ohio -- The dark, cold December days have theme park fans dreaming of what could be coming to their favorite parks once spring returns.

And no park is generating more buzz with coaster fans nationwide than Kings Island in Mason because of rumors of a massive new coaster coming in the next two years.

While the park has yet to announce any new ride (other than the return of Antique Cars in 2019), it has helped fan the flames of speculation with hints about "Number 5 is Alive," a reference to the former Son of Beast, and its base station, Outpost 5. 

Coaster enthusiasts, on forums like KICentral, believe the park will announce a new, giant "giga" coaster sometime in the New Year, to open in the 2020 season.

Now, one enthusiast, going by the name ofNumberFiveisAlive, has created the most realistic looking computer animation yet of what could be coming soon.

The video calls the new coaster Beast Unleashed, and looks like a movie trailer for a new coaster that soars high above The Racer, Flight of Fear and other park rides. Watch the video in the media player above.

Why so much speculation about a possible giga coaster (a coaster that's at least 300 feet tall)?

  • Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park that does not yet have a 300-foot high coaster. Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, has multiple coasters that tall.
  • Even its smaller sister park, Kings Dominion in Virginia, now has a giga coaster.
  • The medium-sized Firehawk coaster is now being dismantled -- for no apparent reason other than it was getting old (though other coasters are much older).
  • The land Firehawk sits on, combined with the former Dinosaurs Alive land, would be the perfect size for a super coaster.

What does Kings Island have to say? Not much. Park spokesman Chad Showalter said the video was not created by or for Kings Island, but was created by an anonymous fan, with a new YouTube account.

"Kings Island doesn't comment on rumors and speculation, but it sure is fun to see the imagination of some of our most passionate coaster fans," Showalter said. 

So as the weather gets cold, coaster fans at least have something to watch and dream about.

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