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PlayStation frustration: Kohl's website fail, Amazon thefts

Shoppers frantic to find new PS5 and XBox Series X
PlayStation 5 flies off shelves on first day of sales
Posted at 9:56 AM, Nov 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 14:41:45-05

The hottest gift this holiday season is a new gaming system under the tree.

Microsoft's new XBox Series X and Sony's new PlayStation 5 are the hardest-to-find items this Christmas, quickly becoming the Furby or Hatchimal of 2020.

To make it even more frustrating, some people who ordered one are ending up with nothing after a Kohl's website malfunction and package thefts.

Kohl's confirms, then cancels

Jerris Williams of Fairfield, Ohio, reached into his car and showed us his new PS5, which he found at Target the other morning at 6 a.m.

"We finally got one," he said, "and it was almost like a lottery."

He thought he found one on Kohl's website a couple of days earlier, as did thousands of other shoppers.

"Kohl's went live, which means they were starting to sell the PlayStation 5," he said. "And that went on at 1:30 in the morning."

Williams quickly got a confirmation from Kohl's that a PS5 was on the way, only to have his hopes dashed hours later.

"We were happy, excited, celebrating. And then the next morning, they canceled on us."

Kohl's confirms to us that it was unable to fill all PS5 orders.

The electronics blog Techspot suspects thousands of people were left empty-handed by the website glitch.

The one consolation: Williams gets to keep $180 in bonus Kohl's cash for his trouble. Kohl's says it is still giving bonus cash to all the people who had their orders canceled.

"I'm doing the math in my head," he said. "All my friends have the same thing, so that's a lot of money that they are all giving away for nothing."

Complaints of Amazon switcheroos

But Kohl's isn't the only retailer trying to soothe angry and frustrated customers right now.

With Amazon, it's a whole different problem.

Some Amazon customers (most in England so far) areposting photos of other things they claim showed up in their XBox or PS5 shipping box.

Buyers claim they received everything from brown paper, to a foot massager, to a box of Purina cat food.

Cat food in Playstation  box
Cat food in Playstation box

Amazon believes the game systems are being stolen during or after delivery, and are not occurring in its warehouses. (Amazon employees are checked by security as they exit work each day.)

And this is one case where you do not want to risk a gaming console sitting on your front doorstep for hours: Check for arrival time, and have a family member or neighbor standing by.

Insane prices on eBay

With the $499 XBox and PS5 selling for $1,500 or more on eBay, Williams feels bad for others who had orders canceled.

"With all the problems in the world, this is something that will bring a little joy, and then you get crushed," he said. "It's just disappointing."

Walmart plans to have several thousand for sale starting Wednesday night, Nov. 25, and throughout the holiday season, but you will have to act quickly.

Other retailers say they will put new XBoxes and PS5s up for sale as they get them, but you can be sure they will sell out in minutes.

As always, don't waste your money.


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