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NYPD Pizza: DoorDash is delivering our pizza without permission

Claims customers complaining about late or wrong orders
Posted at 7:01 PM, May 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-08 19:42:01-04

Many Cincinnati area diners love DoorDash for its fast, easy delivery from hundreds of local restaurants. However, some of those restaurants claim they never gave Door Dash permission to post their menus — and problems with the unauthorized deliveries are reflecting badly on their businesses.

Business is good at NYPD Pizza, a family owned pizza place on Harrison Avenue in Cheviot, but owner Kevin Leidecker fears his reputation for great food and fast delivery has taken a hit ever since DoorDash started taking orders for his restaurant.

"Customers call us back upset because they didn't get what they thought they were getting." he said.

At first, he had no idea why.

What he discovered was that DoorDash had started handling orders for him without asking his permission.

"They took our menu, posted it on DoorDash, and the customer is oblivious to the fact we have no relationship with Door Dash at all," he said.

He put up a Facebook post urging his customers not to order with DoorDash for his restaurant.

"DoorDash makes money by 'RESELLING' our food at higher prices," he wrote. "They also charge more for delivery. Between the mistakes on DoorDash listing for our business and trying to take the order over the phone from someone 1/2 way around the world who doesn't understand our product or what the customer really was trying to order we simply can't guarantee a DoorDash order to be correct or accurate."

Restaurants complain of inaccurate menus, cold food

One of the biggest problems, Leidecker says, is that they don't have his most up-to-date menu.

When it comes to things like chicken wings, he claims they sometimes do not differentiate between bone-in and boneless, and that leads to unsatisfied customers who expected something else.

One Chicago restaurant owner filed a lawsuit to stop the delivery service after complaints about late and cold food.

California's In-n-Out Burgeralso suedto get off Door Dash.

Door Dash tells the Chicago Tribune "we have a policy to honor merchant's wishes if they choose not to be on the DoorDash platform."

We are contacting DoorDash as well and will update this report if we hear back from the company.

Leidecker is now asking DoorDash to remove him. He says "pizza people invented delivery," and in his mind are best at it.

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