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Petitions aim to save Coney Island's rides

Grassroots movement tries to keep vintage rides in Cincinnati
Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-12 21:57:03-04

Could Coney Island's rides be saved, after the park closes for the season this year?

That is what some fans are hoping for, after the century old Cincinnati theme park announced this week it has decided to remove all its rides, and focus on its Sunlite Water Adventure water park instead.

The park says business has been dropping for the land section of the park in recent years, and removing the rides was strictly a financial decision. It plans to open up more areas for picnics and events like Summerfair.

But a petition on Change.orgis now calling for Coney to save the rides. As of Thursday, It already had three thousand signatures.

A second petition is asking Kings Island to take the rides, if Coney won't reconsider its decision.

Kings Island Communications Director Chad Showalter says it is unlikely the rides will move to Kings Island.

"We have no plans for purchasing any rides from Coney Island at this time." However, he said "When Kings Island opened in 1972, the park featured several rides from Coney Island that are still in operation today."

Those rides are:

Coney Island Marketing Director Sean Maus says the park has already gotten in touch with a company that sells unwanted rides to other theme parks.

He hopes that small parks around the country will be willing to take them, and continue operating The Python coaster, Flying Bobs, and other rides for years to come.

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