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Nursing student struggling with $90,000 debt for online schooling

Desperate for promised loan forgiveness
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Posted at 4:11 PM, Aug 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-20 14:06:37-04

HAMILTON, Ohio — President Biden has just extended the freeze on student loan repayments again and provided $1 billion in loan relief for students at closed for-profit schools — schools that left millions of students with no degree and heavy debts.

But some students are asking: Where is all that help?

Elizabeth Ewing is a single mom working as a medical assistant in a West Chester, Ohio, doctor's office.

But things are tough, because she is being hounded by collection agencies.

"They want $90,000," she said.

Creditors are requesting just over $90,000, including interest and late fees, much of it for the two years she studied nursing at a now-closed online school, she says.

But instead, she has a stack of collection notices, and now can't continue school to get a degree as an RN.

"I can't get anything," she said. "I can't get any loans, even Pell Grants, which is free money to help you."

And her credit is shot, meaning she is unable to rent a new apartment, buy a car or do many other things.

"I can't even get a rental car," she said.

How to apply for loan help

The Biden administration set aside a billion dollars to help people with loans to some now-defunct online colleges.

You can apply for help via the Department of Education's Borrower Defense repayment program.

Ewing has applied for help but, so far, has received nothing but collection notices.

"To them, they will be able to roll over me, and there's nothing I can do about it," she said.

We have shared Ewing's loan information with the U.S. Department of Education, in hopes they assist her in getting this $90,000 weight off her back.

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