Moms saddened by Gymboree, Crazy 8 store closings

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Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 13, 2017

Yet another once popular mall chain is closing hundreds of stores, including several in the Cincinnati area.

Gymboree is the latest to fall victim to plunging sales and online competition.

Moms lament closings

But some moms are sad to see the store they once loved shutting its doors.

We found some of them at Once Upon a Child, the children's clothing resale store where Gymboree clothing has always been popular.

Here, at the Florence Mall Road Once Upon a Child, moms like Amy Walker were saddened to hear that Gymboree will be closing 300 stores.

Walker says their pieces were always top quality for her kids.

"They had nice pieces of clothing, great outfits," she said. "Made your little girl beautiful."

Lauren Glassengame says she will miss Gymboree's Northern Kentucky store too, though like many moms she found their prices too high for her budget.

"I love their clothes, but I feel like they are overpriced," she said.

Analysts says price is a main reason Gymboree became the latest retailer that struggled to stay alive in today's brutally competitive environment, where it can be impossible to compete with Amazon when you have to pay expensive mall rent.

Gymboree hopes to stem the bleeding, and remain in business, by shutting poor performing stores under bankruptcy protection.

Stores Closing

Cincinnati-area stores closing later this summer include:

  • Tri County Mall Gymboree
  • Florence Mall Gymboree
  • Dayton Mall (Ohio) Gymboree
  • Eastgate Mall Crazy 8 store (its budget branded store)
  • Bridgewater Falls Crazy 8 store
  • Jeffersonville outlet store

The good news is that if you like Gymboree products, you'll still be able to find them at the remaining stores, and for years to come at resale shops like Once Upon a Child.

Cassie Leibfarth, manager of the Florence Once Upon a Child store, says they should have plenty of inventory once the local mall stores close.

"We will still purchase used Gymboree clothing, if you have any to sell, and  if somebody is still looking for the quality of clothing that Gymboree offers, we will have it here in the store."

Gymboree stores will start clearance sales July 18th, though if you have Gym Bucks or gift cards you need to use them by the end of July at closing stores.

Stores Remaining Open

Gymboree tells us two Cincinnati-area stores will remain open:

  • The Kenwood Towne Center store is not closing
  • The Deerfield Township store in Deerfield Towne Center is not closing

Those stores will still accept gift cards and returns.  But moms not living close to them are saddened by the news that the store where they clothed their young children will no longer be an option, at least not locally.

As always don't waste your money.


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