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Kings Island repainting The Beast original colors

To honor ride's 40th annivesary
Posted at 3:19 PM, Feb 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 06:00:17-05

Grab your tank top and tube socks.

The '70s are returning to Kings Island, at least in one corner of the park.

The Beast at Kings Island will look like a throwback to the groovy 1970s the next time you ride it.

The theme park announced it is repainting the three cars on the historic wooden coaster in its original colors, to honor the ride's 40th anniversary. The Beast debuted in 1979.

Kings Island's Director of Digital Marketing, Don Helbig, said, "the 2019 season will mark 40 years since The Beast was unleashed at Kings Island in 1979. So, as part of the ride’s 40th anniversary celebration this year, Kings Island will turn back the clock with a throwback to the original 'flame-themed' color scheme on each of the coaster’s three trains."

The flame-theme paint job will be reminiscent of a '70s Hot Wheels car, or your uncle's Trans Am.

Helbig said you will see "red (front cars), orange (middle cars) and yellow (back cars)."

Who knows? Combined with the upcoming return of Antique Cars, maybe it is the start of a throwback trend at the park, which would bring back the remaining Brady Bunch and Partridge family members to sing "Together We're Better"with a bunch of Hanna-Barbera characters.

Look for the new Beast colors to debut in April.

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