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Kenwood Towne Center wants $5 to park up close

Controversial solution to holiday traffic jams
Posted at 6:17 PM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 18:40:42-05

Ever try to find a parking spot at the Cincinnati area's most popular mall, Kenwood Towne Center, on a Saturday in December?

It can seem almost as tough as winning the Mega Millions. You might easily spend 20 minutes circling.

Shoppers like Linda Price say it's frustrating.

"I think it's busy all the time, and it's difficult finding a space." Price said.

So she was interested to hear about the mall's newest attempt to make parking easier: Paid up-close parking.

On holiday weekends, Kenwood will now let you park close to the entrance by The Cheesecake Factory for a $5 fee.

It expands upon the mall's valet service, a popular $7 option in recent years.

Shoppers have mixed reaction

Paying to park downtown is something we've all done for years, and no one really complains. However, to some shoppers, paying to park in a mall is almost un-American.

Chuck Dunn doesn't like the idea of more paid parking, worried it will make it tougher for folks like him to get a spot.

"The valet is good, but they've taken too much that the regulars don't have a regular place to park," he said.

Kenwood Towne Center obviously knows its customers, however, because its valet service is very popular on weekends.

Steve Gardner say he is fine with it but can't see himself paying to park at a mall.

"I wouldn't. Not worth it. No, don't waste your money," he said.

We called and emailed the mall's management company for comment, but as of Tuesday evening no one had returned our calls.

The good news: if you expect to make a big haul and the weather is bad, you can now park up close fairly easily. And that $5 fee will probably feel worth it to most people.

Whatever you do, don't waste your money.


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