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Is P&G's Tide detergent still worth the high cost?

Consumer Reports rates laundry soap for 2020
How did those nifty Tide Pods come to be?
Posted at 8:51 PM, Aug 18, 2020
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For years, Tide detergent -- made by Cincinnati's Procter & Gamble -- has topped most side-by-side comparison tests.

But some newcomers are giving it a run for the money, according to new 2020 test by our partners at Consumer Reports Magazine.

When it comes to getting dirt, sweat and stains out of the laundry, liquid detergents clean up best, according to new tests by Consumer Reports.

“We use fabric swatches soaked with tough stains like blood, dirt, grass, coffee, and then we use each detergent to see how well that detergent gets out the stain,” said Haniya Rae of Consumer Reports.

Liquid or powder?

Consumer Reports' top ratings all went to liquids this time. The best?

  • Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release, at 28 cents a load, topped the testing once again.
  • Persil Pro Clean Fighter, at 21 cents a load, performed almost as well for less money.

If you have sensitive skin, Consumer Reports recommends Persil Pro Clean Sensitive Skin.

Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean liquid from Costco was the Best Value at just 11 cents a load, if money is tight or you have a big family.

So Tide tops the ratings again, but there are very good competitors.

What about laundry pods?

If you prefer the convenience of pods, Tide Power Pods at 67 cents a load scored the best in the 2020 tests.

But Consumer Reports says you pay a high price for that convenience, more than twice the price of Tide liquid. In addition, you cannot pre-treat stains with pods, so you will need to buy a spray bottle of pre-treater.

Pods are not recommended, meantime, for households with small children or dogs because they may ingest them.

Place them in a high spot away from curious fingers, so your family stays safe.

And don't waste your money.


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