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Is Hyde Park Plaza pushing Michael's craft store out?

Shopping center claims Facebook posts are wrong
Posted at 3:37 PM, Jan 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-07 15:42:37-05

CINCINNATI — Stores come and stores go, and in most cases shoppers just accept a business's decision to close a location.

But the Michael's craft store on Paxton Road is not going quietly. Oakley and Hyde Park-area craft makers have taken to Facebook to denounce a decision to close the store in Hyde Park Plaza.

They are sharing a post, urging other customers to email the owners of the shopping center, Regency Centers, for what they claim is a "terrible" business decision on the part of the shopping center owners.

The Facebook post tells customers to email the center's management, saying:

"Go Mom: full court press to enlighten Regency on their terrible (my words) decision. I just heard that Regency has opted to not renew Michael's lease in Hyde Park Plaza. I am hoping you will reconsider."

"I believe that alienating a significant number of shoppers will cause all businesses at your property to suffer, leading to long term hardship for you, your businesses. and the members of our community. Please do not force Michael's to move out of HPP."

However, none of that is true, according to the shopping center.

Why store may be closing

A spokesman for Regency Centers, Eric Davidson, tells WCPO: "we are not forcing Michael's to move out." He says the shopping plaza is offering the store another lease, but says Michael's corporate headquarters is not renewing it.

Davidson says it is his understanding that Michael's wants to consolidate their older Oakley store into the new Kenwood store, which is much newer and larger.

He says the store is welcome to stay if it wants, but it has declined.

As for Michael's, store employees would not comment to us, and referred us to Michael's corporate headquarters. The company has not returned our calls.

Eric Davidson, meantime, asks craft lovers to stop emailing him and other shopping center officials, as they did not make this decision.

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