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Husman's fans search for last bags of chips, memorabilia

Popular Cincinnati potato chips have been discontinued
Husmans potato chips
Posted at 8:18 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 11:26:24-05

CINCINNATI — People all around the Cincinnati area are scrambling to grab the last bags of Husman's potato chips before they are gone forever.

Just like Swallens, Steinberg's, and Crosley, Husman's will soon be another longtime Cincinnati brand name now gone.

Vivian Otero used to love the chips that were made until recent years in West Chester.

"Just the right amount of salt, just the right amount of crispy," she said. "I guess to everything there is a season, but you just hate seeing it go."

Long history in the Cincinnati area

The chips were first baked by Harry Husman in Over-the-Rhine in 1919.

Linda Goleighty remembers that old plant from her childhood.

"We would go downtown and get Husman's potato chips in the evening," she said. "And they would give us brown bags of the leftovers."

Like many other small brands, Husman's was bought out a little over a decade ago.

Its Cincinnati plant then closed, and in recent years was made by Snyder of Pennsylvania.

Utz Snacks bought Snyder two years ago, and Husman's, with just regional appeal, did not make the cut.

Where you may still find them

If you want some Husman's chips, you will need to hurry.

They are now out of stock on Amazon and

Kroger's app still showed some in Aisle 31 at the Hyde Park Kroger, but after we rushed over, all we found was an empty shelf spot.

But at the nearby Oakley Remke Market, we struck gold: A half-dozen bags still left.

And a WCPO viewer, GW Moran, sent us a photo of a Husman's endcap at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield this past weekend. (They may be sold out, however, by the time you read this.)

And prices of old Husman's tins, which rarely sold in recent years, are soaring to $200 on eBay due to the sudden interest.

Shopper Taylor Long said, "It's sad. You definitely want to have as many Cincinnati institutions as possible."

At least we still have Grippo's, still made locally in Colerain Township.

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