How to get Cincinnati Reds tickets for $2.50

Don't Waste Your Money
Posted at 10:38 AM, Apr 25, 2017
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We all know Major League Baseball is an affordable sport for families, with tickets for $10 or less -- if you don't mind the upper decks.

But a new Cincinnati Reds promotion is so unbelievable, several fans have already asked WCPO if it's some kind of scam.

The good news: It's not. 

The Reds are indeed selling tickets for $2.50 -- even less -- per game, though you can't just buy one.

'Top 6 Ballpark Pass'

In an effort to fill the sparsely populated View Level seats (upper deck), the Reds have just rolled out a Top 6 Ballpark Pass, selling those top 6 rows at a ridiculously low price.

The pass costs $29.99 a month for all the home games that month. So in the month of May, you get 14 home games for $2.15 per ticket, per game. 

Of course, most people won't go to all home games. So it breaks down like this:

  • Go to all 14 games in a month, for $2.15 per ticket
  • Go to 10 games in a month, for $2.90 a ticket.
  • Go to 5 games in a month, for $5.80 a ticket.

Note that if you only go to 2 or 3 games, the math won't make sense, as you will pay more than the going rate for top 6 row seats.

In some months, the seats will be even cheaper, as August has 16 home games, bringing the cost down to under $2 per ticket.

Good news...

The good news for fans is you don't have to stay in the top 6 rows if the ballpark is very empty.

You can usually move down to lower View Level seats, as long as they are not occupied. (Hint: Wait till the third inning to move to make sure they are really empty)

However, you will not be able to move down to the lower decks. Ushers check tickets, and will not allow View Level ticket holders into the more expensive section (rightfully so, since those people paid $25 a ticket).

Bad news...

Now the bad news: These tickets are sold only through the Ballpark app, and are connected to just one smartphone. That means you can't share tickets with other people, or print the tickets.

But if you are interested in seeing several Reds game any month this summer, and want a really great price, check out the Top 6 Ballpark Pass by going here.

And don't waste your money.


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