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Family fights porch pirates with box of dog poo

Warren County family finds novel way to fight theft
Preventing porch pirates
Posted at 3:55 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 20:12:14-05

Facebook feeds and newscasts this time of year are filled with videos of "porch pirates" stealing Amazon boxes and other deliveries from doorsteps.

Not even Ring Doorbell cameras ward off the thieves anymore. Either they wear a hood and sunglasses, or simply grab and dash so fast they figure they will never be caught.

But one Warren County, Ohio, family says they have found a novel solution to this crime, after a string of porch thefts nearby.

The solution: doggie droppings.

Carey Meade says her kids were walking their dogs Dre and Chief the other day, when they scooped up their front lawn deposits and dropped them into an empty Amazon box they had.

That gave Meade an idea: she taped up the Amazon box, and set it right out on her front doorstep. That way any thieves who drop by will get a fresh box of doggie turds for their hard work.

So far, she says, no thieves have come by to grab a package. But if they do, they (just like the two burglars in Home Alone) will receive a treat they are sure to remember.

Decoy box of dog droppings

Other ways to prevent theft

Of course this doesn't prevent the problem of package theft. Police say your best way to stop porch pirates is:

  • Have the package delivered to a neighbor or relative
  • Use an Amazon Locker location, where you pick it up
  • Use Ship to Store if you are ordering from Target, Kohl's, or Walmart
  • Have it delivered to your workplace, if the company allows it

For more effective ways of preventing porch pirates, CLICK HERE.

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