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Coney Island guests hot over new Sunlite Pool rules

Water park says please leave beach umbrellas home
Posted at 10:00 AM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 18:40:06-04

Some guests at Cincinnati's Coney Island are hot this week more ways than one.

They showed up at the Sunlite Pool water park over the 4th of July with large beach umbrellas, only to be told they couldn't bring them in during this heat wave.

Diane and Jeff Lamping were among those learning that large beach umbrellas and pop up tents are no longer allowed at Sunlite  pool. 

"I don't like it at all," Jeff Lamping said, "since its one of the hottest days of the year."

Laura Cornelius, who's brought in a pop-up tent for years, doesn't understand why she can no longer take it in, to provide much needed shade for her family.

"If you want some shade in there, there are very few places to go," she said.

The new Sunlite water park rules

Coney Island Director of Operations Steve Edwards says the rules actually changed for the Sunlite water park at the start of the season, but says staffers started enforcing the new rules this week, due to the huge crowds.

They state (and are spelled out on Coney's website);

  • Only golf umbrellas or parasols that can be clipped to a chair or stroller are allowed to be brought in.
  • Large beach umbrellas that are hammered or screwed into the ground are no longer permitted.
  • Pop up tents of any kind are not permitted.

Edwards says it's primarily for safety, after storms blew tents around the pool last year.

"The safety issue is that if it is not something controlled or attached, if there's a wind or gust, that could really cause that umbrella to fly and hurt someone," he said. "We don't want our guests to feel unsafe in any way."

He says they have had complaints in recent years about the pop up "soccer game" tents blocking pool views for parents watching their young children.

Coney management points out that they still allow umbrellas, just not extra large umbrellas,which is more than you can bring in to other local water parks. He points out that pop up tents are not allowed at Kings Island or The Beach water park either.

"What's allowable is an umbrella or parasol the size of a golf umbrella that you can attach to a lounge chair or stroller," Edwards said.

And unlike just like every other Cincinnati-area water park, they allow inflatable floats.

Coney also rents cabanas, that are securely fixed to the ground.  It also provides giant blue umbrellas that are also permanently attached to the ground, that you can sit under free, if you can find a spot.

So the ban makes sense, thought the timing -- during a heat wave -- probably could have been better.

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