Apple plans 4 new iPhones to jump start sales

Posted at 11:23 AM, Mar 07, 2016

If you are like a growing number of people, your smartphone is probably starting to get old. For the first time since smartphones were invented, sales are down significantly this year.
There's a reason for it.

But manufacturers are now hoping to bring you back, starting with not one, not two, but

as many as 4 new iPhones later this year.

Trying to Bring Back Excitement

Remember the frenzy each fall, and the long lines outside Apple stores, when a new iPhone came out?

The crowds have been smaller the past two years, and that's reflected in overall smartphone sales, which were down 6% nationwide the past quarter.

Two reasons according to CNN:

  • Most of us have smartphones now, and consider them more like an appliance.
  • Carriers no longer offer subsidized new phones for $199 every 2 years.

4 New iPhones Coming?

But Apple hopes to restoke the excitement this September, when it releases the new iPhone 7.

But unlike the past 2 years, Forbes Magazine and Mac forums says Apple plans to release more than just a new phone, and larger version of same new phone (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus).

Forbes says look for an:

iPhone 7, the same size as the iPhone 6, though a bit slimmer.

iPhone 7 Plus, you know the routine.

iPhone SE:  This is the long awaited "mini" iPhone that fans of the old iPhone 4 and 4S have requested for several years. It will be a return to the smaller 4 inch model, for people who prefer its smaller size in their jean pockets.

iPhone Premium:  Reports say Apple may also release a premium version of the 7, to appeal to those who love SUV's loaded with leather seats and lots of bling. 

It could have multiple cameras, for better shots, and a higher price tag, according to sources.

Forbes says all the new phones should have the option for wireless earbuds, so you don't need a dangling cable anymore.

No Cheap Deals

But expect to pay $600 or so for these new phones (though most carriers will offer them on a $30 month installment plan).

Without subsidized smartphones, it remains to be seen if Apple is able to jump start sales,

Customers are learning they are really carrying a miniature laptop computer with them, and holding onto them longer.

So take good care of yours, so you don't waste your money.

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