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Posted at 5:49 PM, Sep 13, 2011
and last updated 2015-07-21 17:40:15-04

NOTE to mobile and tablet users: Go to a browser version of to be able to click on the downloadable app links.

UPDATED 7/21/2015


Free for iPhones and iPads.  Shows hundreds of tourist activities and places around Ohio.

CLICK HERE for Ohio Travel Guide



Shows hundreds of tourist destinations across the Bluegrass, including Thoroghbred farms and bourbon distilleries.

Free for iPhones.

CLICK HERE for Travel Kentucky



Top rated budget app.  Was $2, but now free.

CLICK HERE for Spendee for iPhone



Top rated app for people watching their calories, was $1.99, now free

CLICK HERE for Android

CLICK HERE for iPhones



Top rated new app that lets you scan any document with your iPhone, then easily convert it into a MS Word document that can be edited.

Free for iPhones, not yet available for Android

CLICK HERE for Office Lens



Top-rated task manager app.  Free for iPhones and iPads.

CLICK HEREfor To Do List



Lets you combine multiple photos into one Instagram image.

CLICK HERE to learn more



Just uppdated, synchs with Gmail and other calendars on your phone





Now a top rated weather app by Time Magazine.  Essential with spring severe weather on the way.  Warns you of all weather alerts, and has the best radar around.

CLICK HERE for Storm Shield for iPhones.
CLICK HERE for Android


NOAA STORM FORECAST APP:  Shows you exactly how much rain is forecast for your street and elsewhere

CLICK HERE for NOAA Snow Forecast



Monitor your credit and check your credit score every day, if you want with the Credit Karma app.  It's lhighly rated, legitimate, and considered very safe.  Only downside:  it is not your true FICO score, but it is very close.

Free for iPhones and Android

CLICK HERE for the Credit Karma app for IOS

CLICK HERE for Credit Karma for Android



Put Outlook on your iPhone or iPad, free!


Check the status of your tax refund every day with this free app.  Also has other helpful IRS information.

CLICK HERE for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Android


WAZE traffic app

Top rated traffic app, with real time traffic reports by real drivers on the road ahead.

Free for iPhones and Androids.



Nike Training Club

Top rated free fitness app, with 100 workouts for beginner to expert.

CLICK HERE for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Android


Winter Survival Kit App

Tells where you are stuck, notifies family of your location, shows how much longer you can run your car before the gas runs, out, can even call 911.

Free for iPhones and Androids

CLICK HERE for the survival app


WAZE: Top rated highway travel app

Don't head out on a road trip without WAZE on your smartphone.

Find out real-time road conditions and traffic delays from millions of other Waze-ers.  Learn if that traffic jam is from an accident, weather, or something else.

Free for iPhones and Android.



Apple's Top 2 iPhone Apps for 2014

Elevate: Brain training app to help your focus and memory.

Hyperlapse: Fixes your shaky videos, and creates time lapse.


Price Comparison App

Poach-it will run a last minute price check on your phone or PC, just as you are about to make an online purchase.

It will tell you if another web retailer has the exact item at a lower price.

CLICK here for Poach-it


Sale Sorter App

Choose your favorite stores, then check the app for current and upcoming sales.  No need to check individual store websites or the newspaper for sales anymore.

Free for iPhone and iPads

CLICK HEREfor Sale Sorter


Battery Doctor extends your battery life

Lets you know what applications are burning up the battery on your phone.

Free for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Battery Doctor for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Battery Doctor for Android


Phone Battery Extenders

Top-rated apps to extend cell phone battery life

CLICK HERE for Battery Doctor for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Battery Saver for Windows

CLICK HEREfor Easy Battery Saver for Android


New Podium App puts you in touch with your Senators and Congressmen (and women).

A new app from our parent company, Scripps, uses the power of social media to reach your elected officials.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Podium


Checkout 51 finds you Rebates

The Checkout 51 app lets you take a picture of your receipts, then submits them for rebates.

It saves a lot of time mailing in receipts to companies.

CLICK HERE for Checkout 51 for Android
CLICK HERE for Checkout 51 for iPhone


Better Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad ( and Android devices, too) just in time for the iPhone 6 release.

SwiftKey and Swype get top reviews for providing alternate keyboards, that make typing much easier.  Both are now updated for IOS8.

Cost:  Free or 99 cents.

CLICK HERE for Swiftkey for Apple

CLICK HERE for Swype for Apple

CLICK HERE for the original Swype for Android devices


Nike Training Club App

Don't t think you'll be able to afford the upcoming Apple Watch for $349 with its fitness programs?  Then how about a free app for your current smartphone.

The Nike Training Club has 100 different workouts, some as short as 15 minutes.

Free for iPhones and Android.

CLICK HERE for Nike app.


Google Slides: Free Alternative to PowerPoint

Need to make a presentation, but don't have or want to pay for PowerPoint?

CLICK HERE for Google Slides for Apple devices

CLICK HERE for Google Slides for Android


Keep Track of your iPhone Use

"Moment" is a free app for iPhones that tells you how much time you have spent on your phone that day.

You may be amazed at how many minutes you spend on your phone: this can help you cut back that addiction.

CLICK HERE for Moment


MagiCam App

Make your iPhone photos look sharper, with better color and focus.  Man, do I need an app like this.

99 cents at iTunes

CLICK HERE for MagiCam


Marco Polo App to find Lost iPhone

Ever lose your phone in your house, and find it in the couch cushions, in the bathroom, or on a bookshelf where you forgot it?  Download this app, and just yell "MARCO!"  Your phone will respond "POLO!"

99 cents at iTunes

CLICK HERE for Marco Polo


ShazamEncore App

You're familiar with Shazam, the app that recognizes what songs are playing on the radio, or in a store or bar.

This updated version also recognizes TV shows you are watching, then gives you episode and cast information.

$6 for iPhones or Android devices. (The original version is free)

CLICK HERE for Shazam Encore for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Shazam Encore for Andoid

CLICK HERE for the free original Shazam app


Receiptmate App

Have a handbag or (in my case) a pocketful of store receipts?  Then download Receiptmate, which scans, saves,and organizes your store receipts, allowing you to throw away the paper copies.

$2.50 for Apple devices at iTunes

CLICK HERE for Receiptmate


FREE "You and Me" Messaging App

Top rated texting app for couples, so they can share songs, photos, and other personal things.  Hey, skip the X-rated photos though, just sayin'.

Free for iPhones at iTunes

CLICK HEREfor You and Me


FREE "Notability" App

This app lets you use your iPhone or iPad to take notes, draw sketches, lay out contracts, and design other things that are very hard to do on Apple's standard notepad.

Some call it a "Pagemaker" for iPhones.

It is temporarily free on iTunes.

CLICK HERE for Notability


3 Apps to Airbrush and Fix Your Photos

Pop A Graph Photo App

Helps your photos "pop" with more color and 3D effects.

Free for iPhones.

CLICK HERE for Pop A Graph


Perfect365 App

Airbrush your iPhone photos and selfies, removing blemishes and taking out age lines.

Free for Apple devices.

CLICK HERE for Perfect365


SkinneePix App for iPhone

Don't like the way your photo looks online?  Then download the SkinneePix app, 99 cents in iTunes for Apple devices.

It takes off between 5 and 15 pounds when you take a selfie: you decide how much weight you want to lose. And it promises you won't look like you are in a funhouse mirror.

CLICK HEREfor SkinneePix.


MLB at Bat App

OK, this one costs more money than I am typically comfortable with.  But 10 million baseball fans say its worth it, so here you go.

MLB at Bat gives you access to hundreds of live baseball games, plus constantly updated scores, stats, and standings.

It's $19 a year for Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

CLICK HEREto learn more about MLB at Bat.


Velocity Speed Reading App

$3 app for iPhones or iPads that highlights key words and phrases, enabling you to read any web article at 2 - 3 times normal speed.

Currently for Apple devices only.

CLICK HERE for Velocity.


Free Disney Movies Anywhere App...for iPad, iPhone, or iPod

Disney has just released its long awaited Disney Movie App, which lets you easily stream any Disney movie you have purchased from iTunes onto any Apple device in your home.  (Sorry, not yet available for Android)

Plus, this week get a free copy of the movie The Incredibles when you download the app.

CLICK HEREfor more info and details.

CLICK HERE to download the app


Pop A Graph App

Adds vibrant colors and 3D effects to your photos, making them look professional.

Free for Apple devices at the iTunes store.

CLICK HEREfor Pop A Graph


New Ohio Scam and Fraud Stopping App

Easy way to report scams and fraud to the Ohio Auditor and Attorney General.  Just take a picture or send a tip.

Free for iPhones (No Android at this point)



IRS To Go App

This free app will answer common tax questions, give you phone numbers for help, and give you updates on the status of your refund.

Free for iPhones and Android devices



Free Classic Pac-Man Games

Apple normally charges $7 for this app, but it is free the first two weeks of January.  Relive your youth by playing Pac-Man on your iPhone or iPad.



7 Minute Workout Challenge App

This app claims to give you a workout in just 7 minutes, which might sound ridiculous, except that it gets very good reviews on iTunes.

$2 for Apple devices.  Does not require any additional purchases of equipment.

CLICK HERE to try the 7 Minute Workout.


Wisely App rates local businesses and restaurants...and reviews can't be faked

The problem with online reviews is that many are fake, posted by the restaurant, hotel, or store itself... or a competitor. 

Wisely gets around that by using credit card transaction data, to see how often the credit card holder returns to the business.  It also shows the average bill, great to know with a bar or restaurant.

CLICK HERE for Wisely


Retail Me Not App

A must for shopping: shows you all current sales and coupons for your favorite stores.



Sale Sorter App: 

Also great for  shopping:  alerts you to sales at all your favorite stores.

Free on iTunes

CLICK HERE for Sale Sorter


Favado App compares grocery prices: Brand new app that shows deals at competing stores in your area, and puts stores side by side when it comes to prices for staples like milk, steak, and chicken.

Free for iPhone and Android.

CLICK HERE for Favado


Carat App to check for battery drain, a big issue with Apple's IOS 7.  It checks to see what apps are draining your phone's battery.

Free for iPhone and Android

CLICK HERE for Carat for Apple

CLICK HERE for Carat for Android


Hotel Tonight App, new and improved

Great app to have if you travel.  Open the app in the morning, find half price deals for hotel rooms that evening that haven't been rented.

Free for iPhones and Androids.

CLICK HERE for Hotel Tonight


Letterglow App for iPhones

Top rated app that helps you put beautiful titles and typefaces on photos taken with an iPhone.  Perfect for people who like to post to Instagram.

99 cents at the iTunes store.

CLICK HERE for Letterglow


Chore Monster App for iPhones and iPads

Makes doing household chores fun for kids, believe it or not.

Free for Apple devices.

CLICK HERE to learn more, and to read report

CLICK HERE to download from iTunes


Key Me App for iPhones, so you never lose your house key

This controversial new app takes a picture of your house key with your iPhone, then saves it.  If you get locked out or ever lose your house key,  just bring your phone to a locksmith and he can make a new key using the photo and dimensions.

This is a controversial app because critics say it lets someone scan and copy your key at an oil change shop, car repair center, etc.

However, the creators say it has many security precautions.


Urbanspoon Restaurant Finder & Review App

Great at home, or especially if you are traveling:  this will find restaurants near you, and show thousands of customer reviews.

Free for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones




Smart Alarm Clock App

Great app for iPhone, iPad, or Android phones that lulls you to sleep with different sounds, then wakes you at the desired time with the alarm of your choice.

$1.99 at the iTunes store or Google Play.

CLICK HERE for Apple

CLICK HERE for Android

CLICK HERE for the similar but free Alarm Clock Plus app, for Android



WAZE road trip app

Just in case you haven't downloaded it yet, don't leave for your summer road trip without this great driving app.  It shows accidents, construction, and slowdowns in real time all along your route.

Free for iPhone and Android


Great new airfare finders is a new app that instantly finds the cheapest fares on any route.  Free for iPhones and iPads. is a top rated app for finding airfares, hotel rooms, and rental cars. Free for iPhone and iPads.


Over App to add text to photos

Want a simple way to place words and numbers over photos you take with your iPhone?  Check out the Over app.  99 cents at the iTunes store

Click here for Over


Battery Life Saver for Androids

An essential app for any Android user struggling with short battery life.  Analyzes your usage, looks for ways to save power.  Free.

Click here for Battery Life Saver


Movies by Flixster App

Great free app for movie lovers:  get reviews, local showtimes, and best of all trailers to hot new movies.

Click here for iPhone ... click here for Android


Concert Window App

This app lets you stream live concerts onto your smartphone or tablet as they happen: just sit in your living room.

So far it's primarily offering new and smaller acts...don't expect The Rolling Stones, Springsteen, or Kenny Chesney at this time.

Lesser known artists are free to watch, most others are $5.

CLICK HERE to learn more and here to download.


Google Now App: Now available for iPhones and Androids

Like Apple's Siri, but it knows what you have been searching for. Some people love it, some find it creepy.
CLICK HERE for Google Now


Amber Alert GPS

Top rated device to attach to your young child, so you can track them by satellite if they ever disappear at an amusement park, on the way home from shool, etc.   It's not cheap:  $200, plus monthly fee, but it's hard to put a price on your piece of mind.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Amber Alert GPS


Find My Kids Footprint App

Your child needs to have a smartphone for this one to work, but it will tell you at all times where their phone is...and hopefully where your child is.  Best of all, it's free.

CLICK HERE  for Find My Kids.

Family Tracker App

Another GPS app for an iPhone or iPad.  Costs $4 - $6 at the iTune store

CLICK HERE for Family Tracker


Disney Toy Story Theater App

Kids can create their own Toy Story mini movie with Buzz and Woody, on their iPod Touch or on Mom's iPhone.

$2.99 at the iTunes store.

Click here


My Disney Experience App

Official app for anyone visiting Walt Disney World:  shows current wait times for all rides, FastPass wait times, restaurant menus, and an interactive map of all 3 Orlando parks.

Free for Apple and Android devices.

CLICK HERE for the iTunes version

CLICK HERE for the Android version


Square Wallet

Consumer Reports Magazine's top rated app for paying in stores with your smartphone.  Free for iPhones and Android devices.

CLICK HERE for iPhones

CLICK HERE for Android


Great new airfare finders is a new app that instantly finds the cheapest fares on any route.  Free for iPhones and iPads. is a top rated app for finding airfares, hotel rooms, and rental cars. Free for iPhone and iPads.


ProShow Slideshow App

Makes cool slideshows of all the photos on your phone or iPad, with transitions you can choose.  Free for Apple products.
CLICK HERE for ProShow

Slideshow Bob Slideshow App

Free slideshow app for Android devices.  Hey, I didn't name it.  The New York Times gives it good reviews.
CLICK HERE for Slideshow Bob


Let's Date App

Makes finding single people in your area, with similar interests easy.  Free for the iPhone.

Click here for the Let's Date app.


Twitter Vine Video App

Twitter has released a new app for Apple products that allows you to share 6 second videos via tweets.  Only problem:  it is already embroiled in controversy, because many of the videos on it are pornographic.

If you can keep it clean, CLICK HERE for Vine

__________________________ App

The updated app will help you watch your finances, and set your monthly budget.  It is one of the top rated budgeting apps, is safe, secure, and free.

Click here for

Fly Delta App with "glass bottom plane" feature

This is super cool if you fly planes with Wi-Fi aboard, and have an iPad.  This app shows what is directly below your plane, such as mountains, lakes, and landmarks, as you fly directly over them.

Free from the iTunes store for iPads only.

Click here for the Fly Delta App


App Finds Out Who Got You Sick

The "Help, I have the flu" app scans all your friends Facebook postings, to find out who has been posting words like "sick," "clammy," fever," "cough," etc., so you can find out who gave you those germs.  Free on Facebook.

Click here for "Help, I have the flu."


Apple's Top Free Apps of the Year for 2012:

       iPhone winner: Action Movie FX

       iPad winner: "Paper" digital notebook

Clck here for Action Movie FX

Click here for Paper (Free, but be aware of in-app purchases)


Clip-ix Shopping App

Scan the barcode or take a picture of the item you want, then save it, and wait for alerts on when the price drops.

Free for iPhones and Android devices.  Apple version gets great reviews, Android version gets mixed reviews.

Click here for Clipix for iPhones

Click here for Clipix for Android


Slice Holiday Delivery App

Ordering a bunch of gifts online?  Keep track of when they ship, where they are, and when they arrive with this convenient free app for iPhones and iPads.

Click here for the Slice app.


New Twitter iPad App

Makes Twitter much more visual and easier to use on your iPad.

Free at the iTunes store.

Click here for the new Twitter app.


Earn Money by Working Out

Gym Pact will pay you $1 each time you work out at your favorite gym.  What's the catch?  You have to pay if you miss a weekly workout (which is how it gets money to pay other members.)

Free for iPhones.

Click here for Gym Pact App


PollTracker App

With the Presidential race in full swing, this free app will keep you up to date on all the latest political polls.

Free for the iPhone.

Click here for the PollTracker App.


Pinterest App for iPad

Pinterest, which until now worked best on desktop and laptop computers, now has a dedicated free iPad app.

The site has also upgraded its iPhone app, and has added one for Android devices.

Click here for Pinterest apps.  And feel free to pin any Don't Waste Your Money stories!


Back to School Apps

Don't hate:  it's back to school season, so why not load up some cool helpful apps onto your smartphone?

The StudyBlue app lets you make hundreds of flashcards easily, a big help when studying for that big exam. It's free for iPhones or Androids.

Click here for StudyBlue.


The app is a  must for every high school or college student:  a full dictionary and thesaurus.

Free for iPhones.

Click here for


Red Cross First Aid App

Instructions for dealing with dozens of common injuries, a must for parents of young children.

Free for iPhones and Android devices.

Click here for the Red Cross App


Scam Detector App

The Scam Detector App lists hundreds of common apps, and lets you know if something is on the up and up.

Free for iPhones and Android Devices

Click here for the Scam Detector.


Vanderbilt University's CoachSmart

The CoachSmart app helps you work out and stay safe in the summer heat.  It gives you the current temperature, humidity, and heat index, and tells you how long you can safety be outdoors or work out in the current conditions.

Free for iPhones and Android devices.

Click here for CoachSmart in the iTunes store.

Click here for Google Play's version.


Hotel Tonight gives you last minute deals at hotels in 40 cities around the US.  The deals come available at Noon every day, for rooms that evening.  Best of all, they name the hotel, unlike Priceline and Hotwire's basic services.

Hotel Tonight is free for iPhone and Adroid devices.

Click here for Hotel Tonight.


ShopkickApp earns Target reward points

Lots of us have a price comparison app on our phone, to scan prices in bricks and mortar stores.

But now one price comparison app will earn you reward points at Target every time you scan something.  Build up enough points, and get a Target gift card.

Target just wants to get you in the store, knowing you will probably buy something on your way out.

Free for iPhone and Droid phones.

Click here for Shopkick.


MLB.comAt the Ballpark App

A must-have app for any baseball fan.  Detailed seating plans of all major league ballparks, including info on parking and locations of food and beer vendors.

Free for iPhone and Android devices.

Click here for At the Ballpark


iHandy Carpenter App

Guys will love this app, that turns your smartphone into a bubble level, ruler, protractor, and several other cool tools.  Just don't use your phone for a hammer.

$1.99 for iPhones and Android phones.

Click here for the iHandy Carpenter.


Weber's On the Grill App

Recipes, tips, and emergency help for anyone who plans to grill out this summer.

$4.99 for Apple or Android devices.  Not free, but cheaper than having to order pizza when you ruin the steaks.

Click here for Weber's On the Grill


Coppertone My UV Alert App

Wondering how strong the sun's rays will be tomorrow, if you are planning a bike ride or gardening? Just check this summertime app from Coppertone.

Free for iPhones and Android devices.

Click here for the Coppertone My UV Alert for iPhone.

Click here for the Android version.


Nike Workout App

The Nike Training Club App has 25 different workouts to help you if you are outdoors jogging, of just in your living room.

Free from the iTunes store for iPhones.

Click here.


Apps to Find Lost Phone or Keys

Find my iPhone:  Free for Apple phones

Where's my Droid?  Free for Android devices

Gadget Track: Takes photo of theif, emails it back to you!  $3.99 for iPhone or Droid

Cobra Tag will find lost car keys, sunglasses, luggage, etc, by GPS:  $59 for iPhone or Droid (includes special fob to attach to keysO)


"Say Hi" Translation App

Instantly translates English to Spanish, French, or dozens of other languages. Apple devices only.

99 cents at the iTunes store

Click here for "Say Hi"


Connect to Digital Versions of Newspapers Articles Instantly

The Free "Shortcut" App from Kooaba lets you take a smartphone  picture of a newspaper or magazine article, then connect instantly to the digital version, with more content and photos.

Free for iPhones and Android devices.

Click here for the new Shortcut App


Compare SIgnal Strength of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint

The Carrier Compare free app installs on your iPhone, and checks signal strength where you live or work, to tell you which carrier is the strongest where you are.

iPhones only.

CLICK HERE for Carrier Compare

Free SparkNotes App for Students

Remember Cliff Notes, how high school and college students used to cram for exams and pretend they had read War and Peace and other long novels?

You can now get a new high tech version of Cliff Notes, with study guides for hundreds of books and topics, on your smartphone.

SparkNotes is free for iPhones and Android devices.

Click here for SparkNotes.


Free Mapquest GPS App

Mapquest, the online trip mapping website, now has a GPS app for iPhones.  It does almost everything the "big boy" GPS units do, at no charge.

Unlike the free GPS app that comes with the iPhone, it gives talking directions, just like a portable GPS unit that can cost $150 or more.

Click here for the Mapquest GPS app at the iTunes store.


Great Road Trip App

The Roadside America App shows attractions all the way along your route on your driving vacation.  This way, you won't miss that awesome Totem Pole, giant ball of string, or vintage gas station. 

Its available for iPhones. Cost is $1.99 for temporary access, up to $5.99 for fulltime access.

There is also a version you can download onto Garmin GPS units.

Click here for the Roadside America App


Weather Radio Apps

These apps do the same thing as a standard plug in radio: alert you to approaching severe weather.  Plus, they include forecasts and radar maps as well.

iMap Weather RadioApp for Apple Products:  $9.99

NOAA Weather Radio App:  From National Weather Service: $4.99

WCPO 9 News Weather App:  Now just 99 cents


"Task Rabbit" Finds People to do Chores

Looking for someone to walk your dog, clean up your backyard, or pick up your laundry?  Task Rabbit connects people looking for a service with those offering to do the service for a small fee.  It's a hot app in New York and LA, but is just starting up in Cincinnati. 

Be among the first to check it out.  Free on i Tunes.

Click here for Task Rabbit.


Free App Maps Malls, Finds Your Car

"Fast Mall" has maps of hundreds of shopping malls.  The biggest bonus:  a car locator feature to help you find your car in the parking lot.

Free in the iTunes store for Apple devices.

Click here for Fast Mall.


Free Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Viewer App

Sports Illustrated Magazine is offering a new app where the models in its swimsuit issue "come to life" in videos on your smartphone.  Just scan the smartphone code on the page.

The app is free for Apple devices in the iTunes store.  However, you will have to buy the swimsuit issue.  Not that most guys would complain about having to buy it.

Click here for the Swimsuit Viewer App


Free "Where the heck is my refund? App"

That's not the name of it, but that's what it does. Check the status of your refund daily, even hourly, from your smartphone.

Click here for the IRS Refund Status App


Free i Tunes University App

Check out Apple's new I Tunes U app, free for all Apple products.  It links to "the world's largest library of free digital educational content."

Click here for I Tunes U.


Easy Photos of Baby  App

Every new parent knows how tough it is to get an infant or even a toddler to look at the camera, let alone smile for their photo. And by the time you snap the shutter, the baby looks away.

This cool iPhone app called QuadCamera takes multiple photos in a row.  So when you make a sound and get your infant to look at the camera, you get 4 quick capture the baby's expression as he or she looks

It's 1.99 for iPhones.

Click here for QuadCamera.


Google Shopper App

This is another free price comparison app that compares prices at major stores and online vendors. 

However, it doesn't require you to scan the barcode,which doesn't always work . You enter the product name or description, or take a photo, and up come prices and dozens of Google product reviews.

Free for iPhones and Android devices.

Click here for Google Shopper.


Read it Later Free App

If you have a WiFi iPad or iPod touch, wouldn't it be great to load up on news reports while you are on WiFi that you could read later, when you don't have WiFi access, such as while a passenger in a car or on a bus?

You can with a great free app from the iTunes store called Read it Later.  Critics call it a "DVR for web pages."

Click here for the Read it Later Free app.


TripAdvisor App

Trip Advisor, the popular website for comparing hotels and attractions in thousands of cities, now has several very good versions of its site in app form.

It's free for Apple products, Android phones, and the Blackberry.

Click here for the TripAdvisor app.


Budget Watching App

Shop N Sale helps you watch your holiday shopping budget, by showing prices as you pick up items in the store, and giving you a running total. 

It was created locally in the Cincinnati area, David Kozikowski, and is available at Apple's iTunes store for 99 cents.

Click here for Shop N Sale.


App to calculate restaurant tips

Ever struggle to figure out an 18% tip in a restaurant?   Fumble no more.

Tipulator is a 99 cent app for iPhones and Android devices that automatically calculates the tip for your server. You can set it for 20%, 18%, 15%, or "cheapskate mode," but please don't do that.

CLICK HERE for Tipulator


"Map My Run" Jogging App

A must for every jogger who has a smartphone.  This app uses your phone's GPS to show what streets you are on, time your run, and show the total mileage.

Free for iPhones and Android devices

Click here for Map My Run.


"Urbanspoon" Restaurant Review App

This app locates restaurants and, better yet, lists thousands of user reviews of those restaurants, so you know whether you are getting upscale Mexican or just just a taco place.

It lists dozens of restaurants in Cincinnati, as well as hundreds of other cities around the country.  Not so much in smaller towns, however.

Urbanspoon is free for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry users. 

Click here for Urbanspoon.


"Shazam" Song Identifying App

Ever hear a song on the radio and wonder what it was? And the DJ didn't announce it at the end?  No more frustration with Shazam.  Just hold your smartphone up to the radio and in 10 seconds it will tell you the name and the artist of the song.

Free for iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, and the iPod touch, if you have WiFi in your house.

Click here for Shazam.


Price Comparison Apps

Red Laser is a popular free app that lets you scan barcodes in the store, and find out if another store has the same item for less.  Free for both iPhones and Android phones. Click here for Red Laser

Shop Savvy is an alternate to Red Laser, and works in a similar way.  Some shoppers prefer this one.  Also free.
Click here for Shop Savvy


"Nearparent" Child Locator App

This is a new free app for parents who want to keep tabs on their children.

It helps you find their location, plus has a emergency button that will immediately alert you if they need help or have a question. Parents must have a smartphone, while the child must have a "feature" phone.

Click here to download it from the iTunes store.

Click here to download it from the Android Marketplace.


Downtown Cincinnati App

A cool new app comes from DCI, Downtown Cincinnati Inc.  It lists stores, bars, and restaurants in downtown Cincinnati (no quips about vacant storefronts, please).

It also has a map service to take you directly to the spot you choose downtown. And it lets you read what others say about the place in FourSquare.

Click here.  It's available free from the iTunes store for iPhones.



Yelp, the popular business and restaurant review website, now offers a free smartphone app for iPhones, Android phones, and Blackberries.

It has a cool  mapping feature to help you find the nearest yogurt shop or ribs joint, for instance.  Then you click on it to read real customer reviews.

Click here for Yelp.


Thornton's Gas

Thornton's gas stations has just released a new app for iPhones and Droid phones, showing its locations and gas prices in the Cincinnati area.

The best feature is that it also alerts you several hours before a price hike, so that you have time to fill up.

Click here for Thorntons.

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