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Airline bans traveler for not wearing a mask. He says they got wrong guy

Airlines banning hundreds for 'no mask, no fly' violation
Posted at 10:13 PM, Feb 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 11:17:16-05

Airlines these days are very serious about mask rules.

Delta Airlines says it has now banned more than 1,000 people from flying because they refused to wear a mask on a flight.

So if you plan to fly anywhere, make sure you know about the "no mask, no fly" rule.

One Middletown, Ohio, man just learned how seriously airlines are taking it, to the point of what he claims was mistaken identity.

Banned from Frontier flight after incident

President Joe Biden's executive order lets airlines fine passengers and ban them from flying for refusing to mask up.

Jim Sberna says that's what happened with the passenger behind him on his recent Frontier flight to Las Vegas.

"There's a fellow behind us," Sberna said. "He kept constantly getting reprimanded by the flight attendants for not having his mask on."

He thought nothing of it, until he received a letter from Frontier banning him from future flights.

"You are being placed on the Frontier Airlines internal no-fly list for the duration of the COVID pandemic," the letter stated.

Sberna swears it was mistaken identity.

"There was nobody who addressed me during the flight. Everything they said happened, but it happened to the person behind me," he insisted.

There's a good lesson here for all air travelers: If you are ever on a plane and a disturbance breaks out, try to take some pictures without leaving your seat.

That way you will have a record of it if there are any questions.

We reached out to Frontier's PR department, while Sberna wrote a letter to Frontier's top management.

Finally, Frontier sent him an email saying:

"Because of a lack of further supporting reports" they reversed their decision and "apologize" for the mistaken identity.

Sberna's still upset, because he says he always listens to flight attendants.

"We follow the rules," he said. "We respect what the flight attendants have to do and we respect that."

Bottom line: Do not get on a plane if you can't wear a mask for a few hours.

And if you see an incident happening, take some photos for your records, so you don't waste your money.


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