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9 reasons to join Costco, and 1 reason not to

Memberships up with Sam's Club closing stores
Posted: 11:35 AM, Mar 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-09 15:20:21-05

With Sam's Club closing stores all over the country, many rival Costco stores are seeing a surge in memberships so far in 2018.

If you're deciding whether Costco is worth it (whether or not your Sam's club has closed), you might want to know about some products shoppers and Consumer Reports magazines are raving about.

Many of us are on the fence about warehouse clubs, especially if you are single or a couple without kids who don't need 24-packs of paper towels and huge bags of frozen foods.

But The Krazy Coupon Lady, blogger Joanie Demer, says it's still worth joining Costco for some top quality items.

At the t op of her list  of great Costco deals are a number of Kirkland products, Costco's highly-rated store brand.

  • Kirkland pure maple syrup: No one else comes close on price, she says.
  • Kirkland cooking spray, where she says you can buy a year's supply for $5.
  • Applesauce packets for only 32 cents a pouch.
  • Pure vanilla extract, which she says is half the price of grocery stores.
  • Cheese, with the lowest cheese prices around, as long as you can buy larger packages.
  • Organic spinach, at 60 percent less than other stores.
  • Rotisserie chicken for $5, that's larger than in many supermarkets.
  • Scoop Away cat litter, 20% less than competitors.

Finally, bacon. The Krazy Coupon Lady did not include it on her list, but Consumer Reports magazine has rated rated Kirkland bacon #1 for taste and quality, better even than most national brands.

One reason not to join

Of course, Costco (and Sam's Club) still have one downside: large sizes, or bulk as it is called. Many people don't have 3 growing children, and don't need the extra large sizes.

One option is to make a special closet for non-perishable Costco items. (Don't try that with meat or vegetables, of course.) 

Other shoppers solve the bulk problem by sharing a membership. Only one person can be a member, but you can buy purchases for two people, then split the bill.

The main deciding factor, ultimately, with a Costco or Sam's membership is how close the store is to you.

If you have to drive an hour to go there, you probably won't visit more than a couple of times a year, and it may be a case of don't waste your money.


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