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Posted at 6:08 PM, Jul 28, 2017
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It was two weeks ago when 9 on Your Side visited the Staton family of Crittenden, Kentucky, who were dealing with a disastrous pool installation job.

"I am scared standing here right now," daughter Demi Kender told us, on the downhill side of their new above-ground pool.

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They claimed the contractor did such a poor job, the pool was now leaning and leaking.

"It's buckled under probably 2, 3 inches under the bottom track," James Staton said. "It has torn one of the support posts off the bottom plate completely. Another one is getting ready to tear loose."

Local companies come to the rescue

But we're happy to report that as a result of our original report,  three Northern Kentucky companies have now come to the rescue, and rebuilt the pool.

Perfect Pools Now,  along withThornberry Construction and Able Truckingtook the leaning pool down, spread a new sand base, and rebuilt the pool correctly, at no charge whatsoever to the Staton family.

As for the original contractor, who twice promised to return and make things right, he now says his crew did revisit, but claims no one was home when they showed up.

But the Statons are not worrying about it anymore, because  the volunteers completely rebuilt the pool. and their kids can finally go swimming in their own backyard for the first time.

"It was a heartbreak for all of them," Demi Kender said.

But now they are thanking Perfect Pools Now for allowing their kids to get in the water before summer is over. They even made a sign thanking 9 on Your Side for finally getting their pool up and usable.

The pool installer continues to claim he did nothing wrong.

But this is a lesson to everyone: Don't hire a contractor without checking his record at the Better Business Bureau.

And speak to another family who hired him: Are they happy?  

That way you don't waste your money.


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