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Last minute Valentine's Day gifts under $20

Blogger finds creative gifts for a budget
Posted at 6:10 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 14:18:03-05

Valentine's Day is Wednesday Feb. 14.

But if you, like a lot of people, have no idea what to get your special someone, there's hope.

We went to Target with a shopping blogger to find 9 great gifts that are also great deals.

Start with flowers

Shopping blogger Megan Fenno, of Fenno Fashion, helped us find great affordable gifts, starting with the classic: flowers.

"Most women like flowers, I think that's something you can't go wrong with," she said.

A dozen roses always work, but those $17 prices tend so soar a couple of days before Valentine's Day. So Fenno says consider flowers that will last all spring,.

"Tulips or Calla lilies for $6.99, that's a great deal, and they are beautiful plants," she said.

Wine, candles, and more

Her next idea is simple, and unlike flowers or jewelry the giver gets to enjoy it too. Fenno says try a bottle of wine.

"You definitely cannot go wrong with wine. I think there are so many different varieties you can try, I've seen bottles that made exclusively for Valentine's Day," she said.
A perfect companion to that wine? Instead of cheese, Fenno suggests some romantic candles.

If he likes craft beer, try a 12 pack variety pack in the beer aisle of most grocery stores.

Fashion accessories

What if you are a guy who has no idea what to get your wife or girlfriend? Fenno says think of the things she likes and the things she wears every day, and then accessorize them.

"If you want something maybe unique, I would try jewelry, maybe little accessories," she says.  First, though, have an idea whether she likes gold, silver, or the stylish new rose gold jewelry.

It doesn't have to be expensive. She found cute earrings for  under $10. Then she suggests adding a scarf for around $15.

"I really like some of these scarves that are a floral print, that you can wear in the spring," Fenno said.

Don't forget chocolate

Of course, no Valentines Day is complete without a heart shaped box  of chocolates. But Fenno says for extra discounts, check your store's app.

"I know Target has some deals on their Cartwheel app where you get an extra percentage off the chocolate that's already on sale," she said.

And if she -- or he -- is a coffee drinker, another $10 gets you a decorative insulated mug, that will be remind them of Valentines Day all year long.

Of course, Target is not the only store to feature these trendy but inexpensive gifts: check craft shops and locally owned jewelry stores near you, so you support locally owned businesses and you don't waste your money.


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