6 things to buy before Black Friday

Posted at 10:56 AM, Oct 12, 2015

With the exception of Halloween costumes and candy sales, stores tend to be fairly quiet in October.    

The reason: because many of us are waiting for the big holiday season sales to start in November.

As Black Friday ads start to leak this month (yes the first few are already out), many shoppers shut their wallets, waiting to storm the stores on Thanksgiving night.

ButDealNews.comsays that's not always a good idea. It turns out there are some things you should not wait till Black Friday to buy.

Its says October, not November, brings lower prices on:

  • Cars:  Dealers clear out the remaining 2015's in October. Prices will be higher in November due to all the new 2016 models on the lot.
  • Winter vacations:  Prices start going up November 1st. Many beach and ski resorts have early booking discounts that end on October 31st.
  • Spring Break vacations:  Ditto.
  • Cruises: They also go up November 1st, with the end of hurricane season.
  • Patio furniture: It's at its lowest price of the year in October. Chances are there won't be any clearance left by Thanksgiving.
  • Camping gear, as stores clear out the 2015 merchandise right now. Prices on clearance tents and sleeping bags right now may be even lower than Black Friday prices.

Things Not Cheapest on Black Friday

So from the doesn't that stink file, waiting for Black Friday when the best deal on your item is sometime else. 

  • The big electronic markdowns start the week before Thanksgiving.
  • Toy prices are actually lower two weeks after Thanksgiving.
  • And winter clothing, like hats, gloves and clothes, is cheapest in the final days before Christmas. No need to ruin Thanksgiving for that.

Stand in line at the wrong time, and you'll say "doesn't that stink?

The Bottom Line

So ignore the myth that everything is cheapest on Black Friday weekend.

So sure, wait till late November to buy those electronic gadgets. But smart shoppers are already seeking out deals now, so you don't waste your money.


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