Medical marijuana patients still jumping through hoops, but that could change

Posted at 5:37 AM, Nov 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-15 10:13:57-05

The one-year anniversary of medical marijuana sales in Ohio is approaching, and while many cardholders in Ohio are still having trouble getting their prescription filled, that could change soon.

"I went out and visited [a dispensary] in Hartwell and it was just a shell!" said Kris King, an Ohio medical marijuana cardholder. "This was in January, and they're still not open."

King's nearest dispensary for part of the year was a two-hour drive away. Now, though, he only has to drive 10 minutes as more dispensaries open across the state. As of November, 40 dispensaries are open for business in Ohio, four of which are in the Interstate 275 loop.

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Another issue is price.

"It's probably three, four more times expensive than the cannabis in Michigan," said Dr. Timothy Thress.

But Thress is confident the price will lower as more dispensaries open, creating more competition. "These dispensaries have to make money, because they sat idled and put a lot of money to get it going, so they're trying to recoup losses."

Even with these obstacles, patients like King said medical marijuana is a great alternative to other forms of treatment.

"It's been real effective," King said. "I'd possibly be drinking more and would have to use more pain meds. Now in Ohio I can treat it ... "