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Wonderful Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Posted at 11:38 AM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 11:38:01-04

Registered Dietitian Carissa Galloway joined us to share wonderful ways to ‘spring clean’ your diet.

She first recommends you, “Get rid of anything expired, meal plan to use things that have been in the pantry for a while and then re-think how you shop to include more foods that benefit your body and taste great.”

For snacking she suggests Wonderful Pistachios. Galloway says, “When we look at most snacks it’s protein that’s lacking and Wonderful Pistachios are a good source of plant protein and fiber. A serving of pistachios provides 6 grams of plant protein and 3 grams of fiber.”

For hydration she says when it comes to juice look for no fillers or added sugars. “Most of us are chronically dehydrated, so it’s important to keep readily available hydration options that bring flavor and aren’t just empty calories. My fridge always has POM Wonderful 100-percent pomegranate juice, because it’s a simple, delicious way to fuel your body with antioxidants.”


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