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Lunchables just launched a new line perfect for snack time

Lunchables just launched a new line perfect for snack time
Posted at 6:30 AM, Nov 09, 2023

Lunchables is introducing a brand-new treat designed for everyone whose favorite way to snack is to dip.

New Lunchables Dunkables are hitting store shelves now in two flavors: Mozza Sticks with Marinara & Breadcrumbs and Pretzel Twists with PB Spread & Choco Chips.

The Mozza Sticks with Marinara & Breadcrumbs variety includes mozzarella cheese sticks, marinara sauce and breadcrumbs for sprinkling on or dipping into. Pretzel Twists with PB Spread & Choco Chips come with honey wheat pretzels, peanut butter and mini chocolate chips.

The brand says more than 50% of Lunchables are eaten as a snack, not a meal, so the new Dunkables are a way for Lunchables to expand into the snacking category. Each one includes one wholesome base ingredient and two tasty toppings.

Lunchables Dunkables Pretzel Twists with PB Spread and Choco Chips

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The new product is similar to Lunchables S’mores Dippers, which are made with graham cracker sticks, chocolate chips and marshmallow creme. The brand also has a Dirt Cake Lunchable, which comes with gummy worms to dip in cookie crumbs and frosting.

The new Dunkables are the third new product from Lunchables since August, when the brand launched Lunchables with fruit as a healthier alternative to dessert.

The Lunchables include the same turkey or ham, cheddar cheese and cracker combinations as the original version, but also come with either grapes, clementines, apples or pineapple. If the dessert is your favorite part of a Lunchable, however, don’t worry — you can still get that, too.


The brand then expanded into the frozen aisle in September with new Crispy Grilled Cheesies.

The new addition comes in two flavors, Original — which is made with Kraft Singles cheese — and Pepperoni Pizza, which has Kraft Singles, pepperoni and marinara sauce. They are ready in the microwave in 60 seconds.

Thanks to a technology Kraft Heinz is calling 360Crisp, these sandwiches are designed to turn out crispy just like a homemade grilled cheese.

Kraft Heinz

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Are your kids a fan of Lunchables?

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