Complete guide to Cincy Bike Month 2016

Posted at 10:23 AM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 10:54:19-04

CINCINNATI -- For many, the "holiday season" is either a distant thought or a distant memory, or both.

But if you ride a bicycle, the holiday season is about to begin.

Every May, cycling enthusiasts come together to promote the bicycle lifestyle and discuss the benefits and challenges that surround life on two wheels during what the nation has designated as National Bike Month.

And the truth is, Cincinnati knows how to do Bike Month as well as the next guy. So much so, in fact, that in the 31 days of May, there are nearly 70 different ways to celebrate, regardless of one’s age, enthusiasm or skill level.

Here we’ve compiled every Bike Month event planned this year, with dates, times, descriptions and links for more information, when needed.

Events run the gamut.

“Duckling Rides,” for example — probably Bike Month’s most popular events — consist of a few veterans leading beginners on road rides throughout the city, so as to introduce more and more would-be riders to the road.

There are also more advanced rides planned, as well as guided sessions on how to use the city’s now-well established bike share program, Red Bike.

Several events involve tours of upcoming bicycle infrastructure projects, while others are a bit more academic, such as panel discussions or group rides through Cincinnati’s historical districts.

And then there are the Happy Hours and deals on food and drink Cincinnati’s bike-friendly businesses have graciously offered bike commuters who chose to stop by.

So, whatever your flavor, take a look at the timeline below. You can roll through the timeline as a whole, selecting certain events that pique your interest in the bottom row, or simply scroll through the events chronologically (using the black arrows on the right and left), to get a feel for the cadence of Bike Month in Greater Cincinnati.

If the events are too crowded in the lower timeline bar, simply use the (+) button to zoom in, and the events will spread out.