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Top 9 places to eat Buffalo wings in the Tri-State

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Posted at 5:31 PM, Jan 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-21 22:48:39-05

CINCINNATI — Buffalo has been on the minds of all us lately as the Cincinnati Bengals prepare to take on the Bills in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. While Cincinnati may be known for its chili, there are multiple places in the Tri-State with tasty wings and wing sauces.

As the Bengals-Bills game looms closer, here are 9 places around the Tri-State to crush some Buffalo wings in solidarity with the Bengals.

Knockback Nats

A beloved dive bar in downtown Cincinnati, Knockback Nats is known for its smoked wings. Knockbacks' wings are great plain or with sauce, and the bar has multiple different Buffalo-style sauces with varying temperatures. The cozy bar is also the perfect place for game day, but you'll definitely have to grab a seat early to secure a spot.

Northside Yacht Club

When you think of Northside Yacht Club, their wings may not be the first thing that come to mind, but we're here to change that. Customers can choose between six or 12 smoked wings. Other than its Buffalo sauce, Northside Yacht Club has six other sauces. All of the bar's sauces are gluten free, and either vegetarian or vegan. For those that don't eat meat, you can also get in on the fun with Northside Yacht Club's cauliflower wings.

The Oak Tavern

Nestled along Madison Road in Oakley, The Oak Tavern offers eight different wings sauces for customers, including their "buffaloak." Their wings are BBQ rubbed and slow-smoked and grilled or stoked. They also can be ordered in increments of 5 all the way up to 50 wings.

O'Bryon's Bar and Grill

With two locations — one in Cincinnati and one in Newport — O'bryon's Bar & Grill is a solid choice for wings. Customers can choose between 6 or 12 wings with 11 sauces choices, or you simply can enjoy them breaded without sauce. While it's not technically Buffalo wings, O'Bryon's also serves Buffalo chicken dip that you can snack on.

Taft's Ale House

Taft's is known for their various brews, but the Over-the-Rhine brewery also has a vast food menu, including deep-fried wings. Breaded and fried, the wings — which come in a 12 or 21 count — are then tossed in whichever of their three sauces you choose. Other than Buffalo, Taft's also has a Cherrywood BBQ and Gavel Gold sauce.

The Silver Spring House

With 40 TVs throughout the restaurant, The Silver Spring House is a great option for both game day and Buffalo wings. The wings are double-dipped and served with either a medium or hot Buffalo sauce. You can also opt for boneless instead of traditional, bone-in wings.

Pendalo Wingery

Inside Braxton Brewing Co.'s Pendleton taproom, Pendalo Wingery is serving up all types of wings. The restaurant offers traditional, bonesless, cauliflower or tenders (if you count those as wings) with 14 different sauces. For Buffalo sauce fans, you can choose between a sweet, medium and hot Buffalo sauce. Other than wings, you can also enjoy salads, fries and other snacks from Pendalo while sipping on a Braxton beer.


While Barleycorn's may sort of be a chain, all four of its locations are in Northern Kentucky. The sports bar and grill's wings can be served with 13 different sauces, including a mild, medium and hot Buffalo sauce. You can also order your wings "DOC STYLE," where your wings are dipped in Buffalo sauce and double-fried for more extra flavor and crispiness.

Smoke Justis

Located in Covington, Smoke Justis is the perfect place to go eat some smoked wings. An order of wings — which is a pound — is coated in Smoke Justis rub, slow smoked in house and then flash fried. You can then choose between sweet and spicy, Buffalo, gold or house BBQ sauce. You can also opt for cauliflower wings, as well.

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