Cincinnati Zoo's baby Fiona isn't ready to meet her adoring public, so this hippo is just for you

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jun 26, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Baby Fiona, you’re a star.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s beloved baby hippo has inspired the kind of mass adoration reserved for celebrities. She has spawned think-pieces on her popularity, written by everyone ranging from WCPO’s own Lucy May to Kara Brown of feminist website Jezebel. Fiona is even inspiring memes. (And with this face, why wouldn't she, right?)

WCPO cartoonist Kevin Necessary has designed downloadable paper toy versions in honor of the Cincinnati Reds mascots, the Flying Pig, the Cincinnati Streetcar, Lumenocity and Star Wars Day. And now he has designed a toy version of Fiona to tide us over until she's officially ready to greet her adoring public!

Be warned: This toy is a bit more complicated to assemble than the others. Here are a few tips.

1. Take your time cutting out the design. (We nearly clipped her ears!)

2. We found it easier to use tape than glue for this toy, but it’s your call.

3. Have fun! Have share your toy on social media with the hashtag #TeamFiona!