Future Northside brewery announces new name

Posted at 4:10 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 11:03:34-04

CINCINNATI – The former Rabbit Hash Brewery, scheduled to open this summer in Northside at 1641 Blue Rock St., has a new name.

Father and son Mike and Paul Kemp selected the Humble Monk Brewing Co. for their craft beer business’ new name from more than 750 suggestions they received on Facebook.

“We chose the name because one of the styles we chose is called parti-gyle,” Paul Kemp said.

Parti-gyle is a brewing technique perfected by Trappist monks that allowed them to make two to three different types of beers during one brewing session, Kemp said, adding that he and his father will employ the same technique at their brewery.

The Kemps said they chose to rename their brewery after people took issue with the fact the Rabbit Hash Brewery would be located in Northside, not the unincorporated town located in Boone County.

The Kemps, who live in Northern Kentucky, said they originally selected the Rabbit Hash Brewery name to honor the community.

“We really liked the little town,” Paul Kemp said. “It was a way to pay homage.”

Nick Ackley, a family friend of the Kemps, submitted the winning name. Ackley will receive a gift certificate for a keg of beer and a catered party for 30 people at the brewery, Paul Kemp said.

“I heard that they were going to rename the brewery online,” Ackley said. “I was thinking about what they like and what they were going for. They are a very big Catholic family. It’s kind of why I went for that name.”

With 35 years of home brewing experience, Mike Kemp will be the head brewer at Humble Monk Brewing Co.’s 30-barrel brewhouse.

“We’ve been working on it on a paper-and-pencil level for two years,” Paul Kemp said.