Wedding advice for Ally Kraemer ranges from good to bad to weird

Posted at 6:00 AM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 06:00:34-04

9 On Your Side reporter Ally Kraemer got engaged in November. She will be writing about her wedding planning experiences until her wedding in August. Expect to see the good, the bad and the bridezilla. (Just kidding!)

CINCINNATI -- I asked, and you answered! The best part about opening up about my wedding is getting tips, tricks and great advice from viewers.

Here’s some of the best, worst and strangest advice I’ve received.

I’m getting married, but clearly some people are having second thoughts.

Jack: “Don’t do it. … Run!”

Jack, I hate working out, let alone running.

Thomas: “If after the wedding you find that it cost too much, never be afraid to have one of you fake your deaths to pay down the outstanding bills with the ill-gained life insurance.”

Thomas, are you speaking from experience?

Maybe I’ll skip cake and do assorted desserts instead.

Anonymous: “Cutting your cake budget is a big mistake. Your guests spend big bucks on a wedding gift. The least you can do is give them a great cake. There is nothing worse than cheap cake.”

I didn’t cheap out on the cake. Guests will feast on Bonbonerie. I asked them to bring me two slices, one of each flavor.

Suits or tuxedos?

Stephanie: “Suits are fine. Clothes are fine. Heck, if you want to get married naked, that’s fine, too!

Stephanie, don’t give Jake any wild ideas.

Registering for gifts is tough and awkward. What do you still have from your wedding?

Erin: “We received gift cards to local restaurants from a couple of guests. Their reasoning? You go back to work when you get back from your honeymoon, you have thank-you cards to write, you are just getting back into the swing of things. Sometimes cooking dinner just doesn’t cut it. The restaurant gift cards were WONDERFUL!”

Erin, this is a great idea! I’m giving gift cards at weddings now, too. A nice date night out for newlyweds is perfect!

I can’t think of anything blue!

Katie: “We have a very tight group of five Kappas, and when each of us got married, we wore our MOH's badge inside the lining of our dress. Hard to find something more blue (and blue) than that!”

Katie, this is the greatest piece of advice I’ve received! Kappa Kappa Gamma shaped who I am today, and my dearest KKG sisters are in my wedding!

What’s next

I’ve been crafting for the last two weeks; I’m determined to make my own fabulous wedding invitations. I actually have saved hundreds of dollars, and I’ll walk you through it! I’m always looking for advice, so drop me a line at