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Tips to have a successful Secret Santa this year

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Posted at 5:44 AM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 05:44:45-05

CINCINNATI — There probably aren't any holiday office parties this year, but if you want to have some holiday fun with your coworkers, you can still have a Secret Santa gift exchange. Here are a few tips on how to have a successful Secret Santa this year.

1. Make the exchange optional

The holidays are fun for most people, but some people might be overwhelmed this time of year. Not forcing a gift exchange on someone is always a good way to ensure everyone, whether they are involved or not, will have a good time.

2. Use a site like Elfster or Conspiracy Santa

These sites, and the others like them, allow you to virtually sign-up and assign Secret Santas. They also people to set a spend limit on gifts, assign exchange dates and allow people to give hints to what would make a good Secret Santa gift for them.

3. Give it a theme

Some people just aren't sure what to get others, so giving a theme to the exchange can take some of the guess work out of what present to get your person.

4. When in doubt, gift card
If you have any doubt or question about whether someone will like a gift, there's no shame in grabbing a gift card somewhere and letting them pick the gift they want.

5. Have a delivery plan

Finally, you most likely can't just drop your gift off at their desk, so you might consider dropping it off at their front door. If you decide to send it via mail, don't forget it can take a few days to ship to your person.