Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark is 'sincerely' in love with Aglamesis Brothers ice cream in Oakley

A classic ice cream parlor and candy shop
Sincerely in love in Aglamesis Bro's in Oakley
Posted at 8:44 AM, Jul 06, 2017
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Jim Aglamesis, owner

CINCINNATI -- Are you looking for a sweet treat to cool down on these warm and humid summer days? Aglamesis Brothers in Oakley offers up amazing options but also a historical look back to simpler times.

When you walk in the front door of Aglamesis at 3046 Madison Road, you are greeted by a pink and white shop with accents of French design. Even the Tiffany lamps on the ice cream counter are pink. But what you'll find with each square foot is something authentic and "sincere" as the family likes to say.

The metal chairs are the originals from when the Oakley location opened in 1913. The marble counters are even the originals. The ice cream is made on site and does not disappoint. You can tell they take pride in their shop and also value their customers so much.

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Jim Aglamesis, the second-generation owner, was in the shop ready to greet customers when we visited. He's a man that just makes you smile as he shares stories about their history. He even wears a classic white parlor jacket! You can tell he really enjoys what he does.

We tried the nectar soda over on the ice cream side of the store. It's a mix of vanilla ice cream, nectar syrup (almost cherrylike) and soda. The froth alone makes it fun to eat! But how they serve customers who decide to dine in is also unique. You'll get your sweet treat in a glass or metal vessel. Nostalgic, right?

Aglamesis' stepson Randy Young is the current president of the company, which brings the third generation to the table. Randy explained to us the "sincere" serving sizes that make them unique. A "sincere" order is your normal single scoop. An "extra sincere" order is two scoops, and an "especially sincere" order is three scoops and worthy of a healthy appetite or two patrons!

What about a fourth generation? Young's daughter is currently in business school and could end up running the shop in the future if she so chooses to carry on the family business. I wouldn't blame her if she did!

Pull up a seat to the marble counter, listen to the tunes from an era before cellphones and enjoy this gem of the Cincinnati area.

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