9 fantastic #PhelpsFaces from our newsroom

Posted at 1:34 PM, Aug 09, 2016

We've all PhelpsFaced at some point or another. Heck, I think I PhelpsFaced twice on my drive to work this morning. So this meme spoke to me.

Apparently it spoke to a lot of other people, too, because the Internet is just chock-full of Phelps' mean mug Tuesday.

I work with some pretty funny people, so I asked them for their best PhelpsFace tweets and memes. They didn't disappoint.

1. I'm starting with my boss, Maxim Alter, because he's the grumpiest dieter ever. They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but the double-butter Busken cake we had in the newsroom yesterday tasted pretty darn good...

2. If you didn't know this, Good Morning Tri-State Anchor Kathrine Nero is a huge grammar geek -- and proud of it! Naturally, her PhelpsFace reacted to an irksome peeve. Its pretty funny. (See what I did there?)

3. Do you recognize Sara Habedank from her cameos on The Fifth Mascot? She's our partnership coordinator for WCPO Insider, but also a big time Reds fan. Her PhelpsFace was a dig at the Reds for their loss Monday night.

4. Another winner from Sara: Because who wouldn't PhelpsFace after their hairstyle is destroyed by Mother Nature?

5. Digital Enterprise Editor Meghan Wesley sends a shout-out to all the perpetually-tired moms and dads out there.

6. If you didn't hear, Pat LaFleur is WCPO Insider's new transportation and development reporter. I guess it's only fitting that his PhelpsFace is about the struggles of traveling on two wheels rather than four...

7. This one is serious and a real point of contention in the WCPO newsroom: LeBron or Jordan? Let's just say that Content Coordinator Scott Kyser named his son Jordan...not LeBron.

8. Kyser also likes to loiter at Maxim's desk and chat about The Walking Dead on Mondays. I'm not too into that show, so I'll just take his word that this is a PhelpsFace-worthy cruel move by AMC.

9. Xavier or UC? Another sports question, but even more divisive than LeBron or Jordan. Well, Kyser has a strong opinion on this one too. And he just can't get over that loss to Wisconsin...


Here's Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld proving he's Michael Phelps' long lost twin.

Honorable mentions:

These aren't from our newsroom, but I saw them floating around on the Internet. And they're too good not to share...